postcard perfect: a 3d postcard from germany

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I received this cool hologram 3D postcard last Tuesday. Isn’t it cool? It features various landmarks from the city of Schwedt / Oder, which is the largest populated city located in the northeast of Bradenburg in Germany.

I won this postcard in one of my various Facebook postcard swapping groups. Susanne sent this in exchange for 4 votes for her mum’s book which was up for a contest at the time. I just wish she’d written a little about the images on the card but nevertheless, I love this postcard! ^_^

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postcard perfect

4 thoughts on “postcard perfect: a 3d postcard from germany

  1. Arlene

    Hello Mommy Vix!

    Thank you for the visit and the comment. Germany is one of the most often place i sent a postcard to and also one of the high 5 countries where my cards came from.

    Happy Postcrossing, sis!


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