postcard perfect: malolos constitution

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postcards, direct swaps, Malolos City, Bulacan, postcard perfect

I simply love this postcard I received yesterday as it features a historical event in my city ~ the Malolos Constitution, which was enacted by the Philippine Malolos Congress on 20 June, 1899. This paved the way to the establishment of the First Philippine Republic. Our city has really played a very vital role in our country’s rich history + needless to say I really feel proud to be living in this city! 😉

Another thing that’s so special about this card is that it is a postage prepaid postcard which means it can be sent to anywhere in the world without affixing postage stamps! Clever idea, right? I just wish I can look for this type of postcards locally so that I can send them to my swapmates all over the world, but, alas, local postcards are scarce around here + I really don’t know where to get them! 🙁

postcards, direct swaps, Malolos City, Bulacan, postcard perfect

Thanks Annie for this beautiful card + for the sweet note you wrote at the back! I simply ♥ it! ^_^

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3 thoughts on “postcard perfect: malolos constitution

  1. Krissa


    I think you can buy this card from the PhilPost shop at the CPO. But yeah, you would need to travel all the way from Bulacan … perhaps we can arrange something and I can get them for you (if they still have it). Message me in FB if you need help for this card.

    Thanks for dropping by my page & leaving a comment.

    Happy weekend!



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