a souvenir from vietnam

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souvenirs, Vietnam

One of the lovely souvenirs I got from our recently concluded Postcrossing Meet-up is this cool lady-with-a-traditional-guitar bookmark from Vietnam. One of our members recently had a trip there + was so gracious enough to bring us some pasalubong. I simply love this lady, maybe they out to make a variation with her holding one of those cool epiphone acoustic guitars at musicians friend or other traditional string instruments, too!

souvenirs, Vietnam

The bookmark also looks perfect with my book + I will make it my regular reading companion from now on! Bookmarks are some of the things I’d love to collect, especially the beautiful + interesting-looking ones, + this one from Vietnam is a perfect addition to my collection!

Thanks so much to sis Arlene for this lovely gift! 😉

One thought on “a souvenir from vietnam

  1. halle@bedandbreakfastcom

    That’s really lovely. I couldn’t tell just by looking if it was made of plaid cloth. Is it?

    I like the blue plaid background. Such a lovely souvenir will always remind you of the time you spent with your friends.

    Traditional items like that would probably sell a lot at music festivals. As you have suggested, the people who produce it could do whole series with instruments that have been in use for a long time in the country. Collectors would definitely like them, so would people who have an appreciation for music and illustration.


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