mailday thursday {18 october}

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It has been awhile since I last visited the Post Office, particularly the one found in the city proper, so today, since  the Yoga center, where I know go twice a week to learn the proper Yoga techniques, is just a tricycle-ride away from it, we proceeded to this post office after my yoga class.

Here is the list of the postcards I mailed:

Postcrossing Philippines Meet-Up Card

  • Ruby R, CDO ~ Palawan/Boracay
  • Clarissa S, Japan ~ Philippines 
  • Arlene C, Iligan City ~ Luzon map card
  • Fe M, Laguna ~ Luzon map card
  • Ria R, Naga ~ Greetings from Manila
  • Cheerful D, Thailand ~ Greetings from Manila
  • Elena P, Russian Federation ~ Philippine Blue map card

Direct Swap

  • Elena P, Russian Federation ~ Banaue Big Card
  • Medhi K, Tunisia ~ Angkor Wat, Thailand/Smiling Bayon, Thailand
Official Cards
  • Danny D, Israel ~ Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
  • Estrella E, Spain ~ Fort San Pedro, Cebu City
  • Kerri H, FL ~ Taal Basilica
Hopefully these cards find their way into their respective owners’ mailboxes soon enough! I’ve got another batch of postcards to send so I might just be visiting the Post Office real soon. 😉

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