raising young backpackers

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the little man {+ his tita} in one of our recent trips to the city

Traveling is one of the most education activities you can do with your children + the entire family. Nothing beats first-hand experiences, immersing one’s self in an entirely different culture + visiting historical spots when teaching the little ones about history, culture, + even geography. It does not matter what sort of travel adventures you engage in. A visit to the local museum, a nearby zoo, or a grand 2-week vacation abroad will enrich you + your children in various different ways.

So, how do you encourage your youngsters to turn into little backpackers? Here are a few ways:

  • Tag ’em along wherever you go. The best way to inspire their traveling spirit is to set as a good example.
  • Create a scrapbook o your travels, that way making traveling all the more fun + enjoyable for your children
  • Make your travel even more interesting by encouraging the children to visit a local souvenir shop wherever you go + ask them to choose an item that best reminds them of the place you were in. It might be as simple as a locally-crafted keychain or as grand as a gold krugerrand. Encourage them to be creative + imaginative in their choices 
  • Send postcards from places you’ve been to your own mailbox. This is a perfect addition to your scrapbook as well as a great memento of your travel 
How do you encourage your little backpackers? 🙂

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