My Baguio Travel Checklist

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“all my bags are packed + am ready to go…”

I wish I can claim that but I still have a few things to do before we travel north-bound for Baguio tomorrow night. We decided that it is most ideal to travel at night, instead of doing it early Friday morning, since it will be more convenient for the little man to stay awake until midnight, instead of waking up in the wee  hours of the morning, so that leaves me with just too little time to iron out kinks on our itinerary {or whatever we have now that vaguely resembles one} + a few items here + there to fix around the house before we go + pack onto my reliable backpack. I am also a teensy-weensy bit wary, too, since this is the first time that we are going on a long journey with the little man + do not know how we’d fare.

Anyway I’ve created a checklist of things to pack so that I am sure I will not leave out anything that is essential. Here are the items on my list:

  • feeding bottles
  • the little man’s toiletries {which are the last to be packed since we’ll be using some items before we leave}
  • pants, shorts + shirts for mum + the little man {good for three days}
  • hankies + face towels, cloth diapers that functions as bibs for the little man {i cannot survive without them}
  • jackets
  • camera + mobile phones {along with the chargers}
  • pocket money + pertinent documents {along with a bunch of postcards I am mailing from the Baguio Post Office}
  • snacks + refreshements for our long trip
  • wipes + hand sanitizer, which are permanent fixtures in my bag, anyway
  • toys to entertain the little man while traveling on the road. I am thinking of bringing some of his cars or this best jig saw puzzle, perhaps
I plan to buy most of the little man essentials in Baguio, including diapers, wipes, formula + water, just so we won’t be saddled with them on our way up north. So one of the first stops once we get to Baguio will have to be a Mercury Drug or the supermarket! 

Do you think you can add more to my travel checklist? Do not hesitate to shoot me a comment below. 😉

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