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Here is another official card {PCID#: RU-1175260} I got last month. It features the Saratov Region Museum of Local History in Russia. I bet this museum has loads of historical artifacts, as well as lds paintings and other artworks from local artists. I bet it will be one great place to visit + judging from the inviting facade, I bet I will enjoy my visit there!

Here is what the back of the card says:
The Museum of Local History occupies the building, which is among the best monuments of Russian classicism of the beginning of 19th Century. It was rebuilt from two, two-storied houses, owned by M.A. Ustinov, the richest merchant in Saratov. The reconstruction project was designed by St. Petersburg architect L.F. Kolodin, who was the pupil and assistant of the famous architect, A. Voronikhin.
Kolodin brilliantly completed the Saratov merchant’s order. A third storey was added, a portal of Corinthian columns and corner porticos were erected and stucco moldings were used. As a result, Ustinov’s mansion had a very individual look, which distinguished it from other ordinary attic houses.
From 1930, the building has been occupied by the Museum of Local History, which is one of the oldest museums of local history in Russia. It was founded in 1886 by the Saratov Learned Archival Commission. The museum exposition occupies 30 halls and presents all the diversity of regional nature and history from the oldest times till the present day. Visitors are particularly interested in collections related to cosmonaut Yu A. Gagarin, aircraft designer O.K. Antonov, prominent geneticist N.I. Vavilov, composer A. Schnittke, writer L.A. Kassil, actors B.A. Babochkin, O.P Tabakov, O.I Yankovsky, E.V. Mironov and others. The museum owns the collection of P.A. Stolypin’s life and work, this collection being the only one in Russia. It also possesses materials about the 1912 famine in the Volga region. Museum takes an active part in the development and realization of social and cultural projects and it has its own website. 
postcards,, Russia, official cards
I am sure a lot of people visit this particular museum every single day. Hopefully I will get the chance someday, too!

Visiting a museum sure is a perfect activity for meandering souls as it is a great way to brush up on our knowledge on history, as well as educate ourselves about the rich culture and traditions of the particular place we are visiting where the museum is located. It is a very suitable place to visit where you dabble in the arts and appreciate art masterpieces ranging from drawings, paintings, sculptures and other art works. It is also one great family activity and am sure even little children will have a wonderful time browsing classical and contemporary artworks, as well exploring an unknown place for the very first time. It even makes for a great way to pass away a lazy Saturday afternoon with friends or with photograph enthusiasts colleagues. Just make sure to secure permissions before taking photographs, just to be on the safe side.

Museum-hopping is also perfect for travel bloggers who have not recently taken trips and are looking for more interesting topics to write on their blogs. You can visit the museum nearest you, take interesting photos and post this on your blog and viola, an instant blog post! Museums are also great places to think and clear your minds, there is a certain tranquil air about them that will leave anyone who visits with a more peaceful, and hopefully clearer, minds.

Larisa, who sent the card, was kind enough to send it in an envelope + enclose a short yet sweet letter, too!  It brought a smile on my face when I got this card. Thank you so much for this lovely treat! 😉

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