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Happy New Year!

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Here’s a short note to greet everyone who meanders a very happy and prosperous New Year! Wishing you more travels to plan and make in 2013, more postcards to mail and receive in your inbox, more opportunities to explore the world around us and more importantly, more chances to spread cheers and kindness to everyone we meet along the way! ♥

Happy New Year! 😀

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Where to Get New Postcards for the New Year

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A few more days to go and we shall be saying goodbye to 2012 and welcoming the year of the Snake, 2013. Apart from New Years resolutions and stuff, I also plan to build up my postcards collection, completing all of my 50 US States map cards, my UNESCO World Heritage Sites and maxi cards collections, as well as collect as many cards from rare countries as I possibly can. I also plan to improve my stats on by reaching 100th cards sent and received status. Yeah, someone will be busy writing and mailing postcards next year!

I know I need to find more people to swap with but, more importantly, I also need to find a stack of new, beautifully-designed cheap postcards for these people to be inspired to swap with me. National Bookstore is my go-to store to shop for postcards, but for the new year, am thinking of exploring other possibilities and checking out online card shops for a variety of designs. There are only limited designs at the bookstore, see, and I’ve probably bought and traded most of them, anyway. So it is time to look for other sources of great postcard finds. Hopefully I will be luckier and I just wish I won’t need to shell out a considerable amount of money for a new set of postcards, after all, I still have mailing and stamp expense to think about.

This postcrossing hobby do not come cheap, I know, but nothing beats the pleasure of receiving all those beautiful surprises all over the world in my mailbox, so I think am going to have to stick with this for a while.
Where do you shop for cheap postcards?

Today is Jose Rizal Day

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Today Filipinos the world over are commemorating the 116th death anniversary of our National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal. He was executed in Bagumbayan on 30 December, 1896 on crimes of sedition, rebellion and conspiracy. His literary masterpieces, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, sparked the Philippine revolt against the Spanish regime.

Even people from other parts of the world honor and recognize Dr. Rizal as Asia’s first modern non-violent proponent of freedom. A reenactment of the day of his death, as well as a ceremony in his honor will be held at Rizal Park in Manila today, to be led by no less than Pres. Aquino himself.

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To join in the celebration of Rizal Day I shall be sending this Rizal Park postcard with a Rizal commemorative stamp to one lucky commenter! Leave your e-mail, too, so I will know where to reach you in case you won! 🙂

of sphinx + pyramids

postcards, Postcrossing Enthusiasts, EgyptThis sure is a lovely day as I received this special card! Know why this is special? I have always thought of Egypt as a very interesting place to visit and this is my very first postcard from that country! Don’t you think this card of the pyramid and the sphinx is a perfect addition to anyone’s collection?

Hopefully I will get to visit Egypt in the future, it sure is no place for makeup cases cheap souvenir items and other products to buy as gifts for people back home, but am sure everyone will love this postcard mailed from the country of Cleopatra and the pharaohs. I will make sure to pay this age-old monuments a visit while I am there!

Thank you so much Ivy for sending this card to me! ♥