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Postcards depicting local attractions here in our city is scarce, so it has been a long-time dream project of mine to DIY some postcards which I can swap with my friends from all over the world. When I first thought of this, the biggest problem I encountered was I hardly have enough photos to turn into postcards.

But I have recently been to an impromptu heritage tour of some of the places here in our city that I now have a few photos to brag about. I have photographed the Malolos Cathedral, as well as the famous Barasoain Church. We’ve also photographed the Provincial Capitol as well as the park in front of it. So I must say, I am all ready to making this DIY dream a reality. All I need now is to find a Web 2 Print Solution or a similar service, and I am all set! 😉

Any ideas on where I can print my DIY postcards?

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