mailing postcards at the baguio post office

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travel, travel destination, Baguio, Baguio Post Office, mailday

One of our very first stops when we arrived in Baguio was the Baguio City Central Post Office {yes, I planned for our getaway to fall on a Friday so that I will have time to visit the local post office and mail a postcard for myself + my swap friends :D}. It was a good thing the central post office is located beside the Baguio Cathedral + just a walking distance from SM Baguio as we planned to go there to buy some essentials for our trip and get a quick bite, too!

travel, travel destination, Baguio, Baguio Post Office, mailday

While I mail my postcards, my siblings + the little man wasted no time and took some photos. Jared seemed to enjoy posing beside the mailboxes for posterity. I missed those huge mailboxes, we no longer have those in our local post office. πŸ™

Anyway, here is the list of the cards I mailed that day + as of writing some of the recipients already informed me that they have received their cards. I received mine 4 days after I mailed it from Baguio. Quick post, if you ask me πŸ™‚

Baguio Postcards Giveaway

  • Edwin S, Bahrain ~ Baguio Cathedral
  • Christa H, Peru ~ Baguio City
Baguio Postcards for friends
  • Jon B, Marikina City ~ Baguio City
  • Ria R, Naga City ~ Baguio Market
  • Clarissa S, Japan ~ Bagio City downton
  • Ruby R, CDO ~ Bell House
  • Willa S, Malabon City ~ Mines View Park
  • Myself ~ Mansion House
  • Arlene C, Iligan City ~ Baguio City
  • Katherine B, Bulacan ~ Mines View Park
  • Sheryl A, Bacolod City~ Bell HouseΒ 

Don’t forget to drop me a line if you receive your card, right? πŸ˜‰

Baguio is one blissful place to visit + I shall share more of our adventure in upcoming posts. By the way, I want to send shout outs + loads of thank you’s to the Fairy Hobmother, whose gift I used to book for our hotel in Baguio + to shop for beautiful local items to bring home as pasalubong! Thanks so much, Fairy Hobmother! ^_^

10 thoughts on “mailing postcards at the baguio post office

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      you’re most welcome mars! ^_^

      Baguio is indeed such a lovely place, I hope we can visit again in the future!

  1. art tibaldo

    HELP! Let’s make Baguio City as one of the Post Crossing Capitals of the World – Be part of a historic event. On July 14, India will cease to operate its state run telegram service that survived over a century dealing with Morse Codes and printed messages. In Baguio City, Philippines, we are sending out hundreds of postcards to friends, loved ones and people who may be able to take action on our appeal to have the old Baguio Post Office declared as a Heritage Site and converted into a Postal Museum. Let us not detach ourselves from the past. Let’s re-experience a form of human interaction that is now facing extinction.
    We will attempt to put Baguio City in the world map as THE POSTCROSSING CAPITAL OF THE PHILIPPINES just to save the old Baguio Post Office building from neglect and destruction.

  2. Trina

    Hello! I know I am late in this, but I do hope your reply. I wanted to inquire you about snail mail itself based on your experience, how were you able to receive your mail? Did they send it to you straight from the post office to your house? Or did you need to pick it up yourself somewhere? And, how much do letter mail cost when you sent your mail to your friends? I am very curious because I am planning on sending mail to my block mates who just recently returned to their hometown. I just miss them dearly. Thank you! 😳

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      hello thanks for your inquiry. i guess it actually depends on your local mailing services. back here at home, mails are sent right to my doorsteps by our mailman. the only exception are the parcels and packages, which i need to pick up from the local post office, i also need to pay Php50 {which is roughly $1 and something} for the custom fees. unfortunately, i am having trouble receiving envelopes. i do not know whether someone from the main Post Office are nicking them. based from my experience, i do not receive anything sent in an envelope. there has been many occasions when a number of postcards, or letters from pen friends did not reach me. it is very disappointing + i do hope i get to receive all that i have lost in the mail one day.

      you better check your local Post Office on the current mailing rates, as it varies from one country to the next. here in the Philippines, though, sending postcards to anywhere in the world costs Pph13.

      thanks + hope that helps!


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