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I saw a bunch of this Christmas-themed postcard at the bookstore, one time I was browsing for new designs to add to my stash. I thought the Christmas season is only a few weeks away so I decided to buy everything on display. Unfortunately they only have 10 pieces left of this design, + there seems to be no other Christmas postcard available at the time.

Sending Christmas postcards is one way of spreading the holiday cheer to people anywhere in the globe + I would not pass on the chance to spread this along to my swap mates + friends. Of course, if I only I could I’d send gifts like books, jewelries or lacoste cologne, but since I lack the budget, I say postcards are the perfect alternative.

I shall be mailing most of them for my 12.12.12 swaps + I hope they will help in making their recipients have a merrier Christmas! ^_^

What sort of Christmas postcards are you sending this year?

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