top 5 things to do in Baguio: have your photos taken with the st. bernards at Mines View Park

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Here is another one of my top 5 things to do in Baguio posts. + one of the things you cannot do anywhere else but in Baguio is to have your photos taken with the St. Bernard dogs at Mines View Park. The little one was thrilled to have his photo taken with the huge dog, he even obliged to pet it on the neck.

Even when we were not able to have our photo taken with the biggest dog there is {we sort of were taken aback by the dog owner’s attitude, so we opted for another dog instead, even when his seemed to be the most handsome in the pack :(} this photo will go down to our Baguio Trip scrapbook! + don’t you find this dog sooo adorable, too!

There are plenty of them St. Bernard’s at Mines View Park so do not just settle with the first one you see. This one we opted for charges P50 for 3 shots + I tell  you it is not such a bad deal! Among our three shots, I find the one above the most share-worthy of all. Watch out for the little man’s solo shot on Jared’s Little Corner 🙂

Anyway, apart from having your photos taken with the humongous dogs, the view from the Mines View Park is quite breathtaking! You might as well take loads of shots of you + the family with the amazing background while you’re there. You may not find a lot of pirelli motorcycle tires for sale at the park, but there are also lots of stalls around selling beautiful + affordable Baguio products + wares, so do not forget to go around + shop, too!

More of our Baguio Trip soon. Happy Saturday everyone! 😉

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