Another Vintage Philippine Map Card

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I simply love this vintage Philippine map card I got from the mail last year. It reminded me of another vintage Philippine map card that I received before this. I have never seen it in any of the bookstores I visit and I would really love to have a few dozens of this to swap with fellow map cards enthusiasts. Hopefully, I will be able to find some soon.

Sending a map card is a perfect way of introducing your country to a foreign postcrosser. He will find in it the provinces and cities, as well as the bodies of water, found in your country. Depending on your card design, some would even have snapshots of famous landmarks and traditions, as well as a bit of trivia about the country or place featured in the map card. I’ll say it is a perfect introduction to that place. So I got hooked on collecting them. And much like how a baseball die-hard would get a kick at receiving baseball coach gifts, it also gives me so much delight to get map cards in my non-existent mailbox! Hopefully I will get another one soon enough!

Thank you Sandra for this beautiful 12.12.12 card. I simply love it, as well as the stamps you used! ^_^

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