Haji Ali Mosque, India

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postcards, India, direct swaps

I got this postcard from one of my 12.12.12 swaps last year. I find the mosque really interesting and a tad similar to this local one in Jolo which was built near the water.

Here’s what the back of the card says:

Haji Ali Mosque is the tomb of a Muslim saint who died while on pilgrimage to Mecca. It is believed that a casket containing his mortal remains floated and came to rest on a rocky bed in the sea, where devotees constructed the tomb and the whitewashed fairytale mosque.

And just check out the very lovely 12.12.12 cancellation the Indian Post made especially for the occasion! Cool, isn’t it? Thanks Amit for sending this one out! I will feature the beautiful Gandhi stamps in another post. 😉

postcards, direct swaps, India

Hopefully I’d be able to find more of these interesting postcards. I wish to get some myself so that I can have more cards to swap with others. When I go to the bookstore next, to rummage through books and search for award ribbon holders, perhaps, I will make sure to find more lovely postcards to add to my stash! 🙂

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