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Things you Don`t Know about San Diego

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one of the popular attractions in San Diego

Located in Southern California, San Diego is the eighth largest city in the United States. The mild climate and long stretches of beach make it an ideal destination for visitors. You are probably aware of its rich naval history and that it’s very close to Mexico, but there’s more to San Diego than you might think.

Unusual sights

Aside from the stunning coastline and golden sands, there are a few sights in San Diego that are less well known but no less interesting. San Diego is home to the USA’s largest wooden structure, built in 1888. The Hotel Del Coronado on Coronado Island is a spectacular piece of elaborate architecture crowned with iconic red turrets. Popular with numerous celebrities and several Presidents, it even has its own ghost! If you visit the UCSD campus, you’ll be treated to the sight of a giant teddy bear statue, sitting 24 feet high. Completed in 2005, the Tim Hawkinson sculpture is an unusual, yet touching piece of art that few people outside the city’s university are even aware exists. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography is the proud possessor of another unique piece of contemporary art. Titled, ‘Okeanos’ and inspired by a wave rising up out of the water, it is affectionately, yet unsurprisingly known by locals as the ‘Turd’.

Beautiful baby

Okay, so you probably already knew there was a zoo, but did you know that just over a decade ago, it made history? On August 21st 1999, giant panda, Bai Yun gave birth to a baby, Hua Mei. This was the first North American born giant panda to live to adulthood and millions of people across the world were able to watch her grow and develop via the panda cam operated from the zoo. Her name literally translates as USA-China, symbolising the collaboration between these two nations to protect this rare species from extinction. Since then she has herself gone on to have several cubs. The zoo has been involved in valuable conservation projects for almost a century.

You can visit another country

San Diego is right on the border and incredibly you can take a day trip to Tijuana in Mexico. For tourists it’s a novel way to spend the day and a great opportunity to enjoy some fabulous Mexican cuisine, including the delicious fish tacos. It’s also an especially popular pastime with students as the drinking age here is only 18, instead of the 21 rule in the United States.

Great scientific advances

San Diego is a thriving scientific hub, specializing in biotech and wireless cellular technology innovations. Many global corporations are headquartered here, demonstrating the city’s prominence at the very forefront of cutting-edge science and research. There are more than 400 biotechnology companies alone in the region.

TV gold

Not only do the Old Globe Theatre and La Jolla Playhouse have a reputation for premiering some of the most popular Broadway shows, but there have also been a surprising number of films and TV shows filmed in San Diego. This may well be due to its stunning scenery and consistent climate, which make it ideal as a location. Most notable of these are Some Like It Hot, Demolition Man, Traffic and even Top Gun.

From the enchanting to the downright unusual, there are a whole host of exciting things to see and do in San Diego. What could you discover?

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image credit goes to Norvy, en.wikipedia

A Self-made Postcard of Tinagba Festival in Iriga City

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Here is another self-made card which I got from my swap mate from Iriga City, Sandra. She was the one who sent me the self-made card for Valentine’s, too.

The photos highlight the recently celebrated Tinagba Festival which was held every 11th of February in honor of the feast day of Our Lady of Lourdes.

Love the photos and they made me feel like I’ve seen the festival with my own two eyes. Thank you for this card Sandra!  😀

Missing and Musings

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I know I have been missing in action and have not been updating this blog much. There has been numerous technical issues with our hosting a few weeks back and other things get the better of my attention and my time. The good thing is that the little man and I went out and did a bit of travelling. We were in Binondo to celebrate the Chinese New Year and just last Saturday, we went to Manila to attend the Postcrossing Philippines Meet-Up in Luneta Park and I shall be writing about them here real soon.

I am also quite occupied with my postcrossing hobby and received a number of postcards already. I shall share each of them as we go along. I have also been quite successful in building up my stash of postcards to swap and good thing I was able to add a number of great cards to my swap collection. In fact, I’ve just recently updated my swap album, check it out and do let me know if there is anything you fancy. 🙂

Oh well, this month will be over in two days and here comes summer! I’ve got interesting activities lined up for March already, including a trip to the Avilon Zoo and a buffet dinner by the Manila Bay while watching the beautiful sunset. I am so looking forward to them. I bet Jared will enjoy the new experience, too! 🙂

Here’s hoping you all one great summer and may we all be hitting the beach soon! Time to ready the sunnies, the sunscreen and scourge online to find a rash guard for my little man. I will make sure to check out a number of online shops as soon as I am done checking this site that sells kennedy half dollar collectibles.

A Map Card of Isle Of Man

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I got this almost-mapcard of Isle of Man from a direct swap with Gilly. the same person who sent me the Harry Potter 3D postcard.

Here are a few interesting trivia about Isle of Man:

  • Capital and largest city is Douglas
  • Ellan Vannin is Isle of Man’s name in Manx Gaelic language
  • Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state

Too bad Gilly was not able to write anything at the back of the card, I would’ve loved to share it with you all. Nevertheless, massive thanks for this colorful card! 🙂