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Happy Valentine FDC

FDC’s or First Day Covers are perfect addition to any philatelist or deltiologist collection. They will also fetch high prices in case a collector decides to sell his collection, say 5 years from now.

I just realized that I am enamored to anything history and would love to be part of it or, at least, have a piece of it to keep as a memento. FDC’s simply fit the bill so I guess I will be collect some whenever I can. So far, I only have a few in my collection and most of them are gifts from fellow postcrossing enthusiasts, including this Royal Wedding FDC {I shall make a separate post about it}. But, my personal favorite will have to be this Malolos Cathedral FDC that was issued last year to celebrate the Jubilee Year of the Diocese of Malolos. This FDC was gifted to me by fellow Postcrossing Philippines member, Jonathan. Good thing he gave me one, as I saw them being sold in Malolos Cathedral and one of these FDC’s {framed} are sold at P500 each! I opted to buy numerous Malolos Cathedral stamps then, instead, since I can use it for my postcrossing hobby!

If you’d ask me, FDC’s are hard to come by as they are only available in the main Post Office in Manila. I am glad that there are generous people who agree to buy or give me one whenever there’s a new release. I shall share some of my new FDC’s after I am done checking out this cool site,

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