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Music + Travelling

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Traveling is one of the most rewarding and the most relaxing activity anyone can do. Whether doing it for pleasure {to reward one’s self after a tiring month at work} or for pleasure {for jet-setting people}, there is something liberating about traveling that lifts the spirit.

Not most travelers do so with companions. for some reasons some people have to travel on their own and depending on your personality, the trip to and from your destinations can be quite a chore {think long hours in the bus or train, or even the one-hour plane ride sitting all by yourself}. And what better way to entertain yourself, apart from engaging yourself with the scenery around, than to listen to good music while in transit. With the latest technology, it is so easy to tag along your favorite songs and sounds while you are on the go. One gadget can handle everything you needed for your listening pleasure at a touch of a button. With your reliable headphone, you are good to go!

Here’s wishing you a happy travel. Meanwhile, I will check out a few tips on how to save on melodyne essential before I get off to my destination for today! 🙂

5 Countries You Need a Car to Travel

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When you are traveling, there is no substitute for the freedom that having your own car will bring. Having your own car allows you to quickly get to anywhere you need to go. It frees you from the restrictiveness and schedule conflicts that using public transportation brings with it. There are some countries that it will really benefit a traveler to be able to drive in. Here are the top five countries where travelers should drive a luxury suv.

1. United States

Of all the counties in the world, no place is it more desirable to have a car than the United States. This country was designed for people who drive. The public transportation system is a joke. It is very inefficient and expensive. It is so much cheaper to drive your own car. The fuel prices are very low and it is very cheap to rent a car. The wide expanses of this beautiful country allow drivers to enjoy some of the most spectacular road trips imaginable.

2. Canada

It is much the same story for visitors to Canada. Canada is just as vast a country as the United States, and travelers will find it much more convenient to drive themselves where they need to go instead of relying on public transportation. The highways are very well maintained, and it is easy to get anywhere that you need to go by driving.

3. China

Although China does have a huge public transportation system, it is not a very comfortable means of travel. The Chinese seem to rejoice in packing their passengers in trains like cattle, meaning that tourists will often feel like their trains are on the way to a death camp instead of a tourist destination. It is much more comfortable and convenient to drive your own car in China, and it will allow you to get to destinations that public transportation simply don’t reach.

4. South Africa

There are a lot of beautiful things to see and fun things to do in South Africa, but much of it is located deep in the bush. There is no other way to get to most of these attractions than driving there. Visitors to South Africa will really appreciate the freedom that having their own 4×4 vehicle will give them. It is a wonderful feeling to head out into the bush behind the wheel of your own vehicle. Just remember that it helps to have along someone with some mechanical aptitude to fix the vehicle if it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.

5. Germany

While you can get around very easily with Germany’s efficient public transportation system, you will be missing one of the most enjoyable things about the country. Taking a fast car out on the German Autobahn is one of the most delightful travel experiences that you will ever have. The incredible thrills of rushing down a highway at 200 kilometers an hour cannot be oversold. If you go to Germany, don’t pass this opportunity up. Rent a fast car and put the petal to the floor.

Author Bio: Jack has been a mechanic for 10 years and is a complete rev head. He has 5 cars to his name, and his past time hobbies include redoing old cars, travelling, going to car shows and writing blogs about cars.

Driving Holidays With Kids? Where, When, How and WHY!

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Driving is a great way to see the country and is a flexible holiday option for families with children. Taking a car is a lot less stressful than catching a flight or train since it lets you move at your own pace. Not hemmed down by logistics and set timetables, you’re free to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and see the sights at your leisure.


To some, the thought of taking their family on the road for an extended holiday may seem daunting. The first hurdle is securing a car. If you don’t have a car, it’s simple to hire one. Major car rental companies including National Car, Avis and Hertz are located throughout the UK and most companies offer larger saloons, estate cars and people carriers that will accommodate larger families. Rental cars are well maintained and are typically no more than a few years old, so you are assured a comfortable ride.

Once the car is secured, the next major step is to make sure that your kids will stay entertained during the road trip. There are plenty of solutions to this challenge and parents can employ a mix of audio books, music, videos and games on a smartphone or tablet. With the car loaded up with petrol and happy kids in the rear seats, you’re good to go.

Where to go

The UK has a wide variety of destinations ranging from beach getaway spots to beautiful hiking trails, scenic countryside, stunning national parks and historic locations. Cornwall is always a popular driving destination thanks to its stunning coastline and beaches. On the opposite end of the spectrum, places far north like Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District are also easily accessible by car. Other possible options include Wales, the New Forest and the Cotswolds. Whilst en route, driving will also make it possible to make detours and stops at memorable sites along the way.

When to go

For destinations a little closer to home, bank holiday weekends provide enough time for a quick family getaway. Longer road trips are a good way to break up the long summer holiday. However, other parts of the year should not be neglected. Autumn is one of the most beautiful months to travel around the UK and accommodation prices also tend to be lower during this part of the year.

Advantages of Driving Holidays

One of the main advantages of driving holidays is that they offer significant savings over comparable holidays abroad. Rental prices for vehicles are very reasonable and the easiest way to travel with smaller children. Another advantage of driving is the ability to view and appreciate the countryside and discover small towns and villages along the way. Finally, driving can get you to destinations that are hard to reach through air and rail travel. Countryside walking trails and national parks can be very difficult to get to without a vehicle and the UK is really best explored on the road.

Top Tips for Visiting Orlando with Children

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possibly the most famous attraction in Orlando, Mickey Mouse and DisneyWorld


Orlando, Florida is one of the best family holiday destinations in the world, and millions of people travel there every year to experience the excitement and glamour of the famous theme parks and rides. Advanced planning is always essential when visiting Orlando, not only because you’re taking your kids on holiday, but because the adventure parks and wildlife sanctuaries are so big! If this is your first trip to Orlando and you’re looking for some advice, let us help you to make your family holiday as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

The Theme Parks

One of the most famous features of Orlando are the theme parks, and because you won’t be able to see all of them during your stay, you’re going to have to prioritize which ones to visit with your children. From Disneyworld to Legoland, Seaworld to Universal Studios – and let’s not forget Hollywood Studio – it can take up to two entire days just to see one of these places in all its glory.

If you’re looking for advice, then Universal Studios is continuously voted the best family experience out of all the theme parks. Not only does it offer a wealth of attractions, but it is also home to a number of tasty restaurants and water parks, meaning you can eat, cool down and relax with your children.


There are a number of places to stay in Orlando, however if your children want to be in close proximity to the theme parks, then we suggest bunking up in the Nickelodeon Suites Family Hotel. With over 700 rooms, there’s plenty of space for you and your family, and as a holiday resort in its own right, the facilities on offer are specifically designed to cater for your children! From cinemas and swimming pools to go-kart racing and tennis courts, your kids will not know what to choose first.

In the Nickelodeon Hotel, they know that large families need to keep up their energy if they want to experience all there is to see – and that’s why the breakfasts are absolutely great! Offering a great selection of fruits, cereals, and juices in the mornings, as well as full continental breakfasts for parents, this hotel makes sure that you don’t leave the resort with an empty stomach. Make sure you check out the flights to Florida at in order to get the best deals on your family holiday.

The Staff

There are no complaints when it comes to the bedrooms either. Spacious, and with everything you need, the typical 2.4 child family will have no problem settling in for a week or two in these warm and friendly suites. Wireless internet is free and available throughout the hotel, and there’s also a children’s room service menu, where staff will happily deliver story books, games, music and even toys!

The staff in the Nickelodeon Hotel have got to be the friendliest in the state, and there was nothing they won’t do to ensure that you and your family have the best time possible in Orlando. The staff also join in with the evening’s entertainment, sometimes getting dressed up as your children’s favorite television characters!

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