Cecile Licad Adcard

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Early this year I created a profile for my son on Postcrossing.com, I thought it would be a great idea to send twice as many postcards and received the same number. Jared already received two postcards, the latest of which is this curious adcard from Malaysia. Normally, I would really be disappointed to receive on, since I do not collect them much, except for those who have really beautiful designs. But this postcard is just nice since it features one of the Philippines prides, Cecile Licad.

Cecile is a world renowned Filipina Classical pianist and was also dubbed as “a pianist’s pianist” by The New Yorker. She is truly one of the pride of our country. I haven’t got the chance to watch her play, but I hope I will be able to do so one day. I bet they use only the best audio interface during a Licad concert.

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