Driving Holidays With Kids? Where, When, How and WHY!

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Driving is a great way to see the country and is a flexible holiday option for families with children. Taking a car is a lot less stressful than catching a flight or train since it lets you move at your own pace. Not hemmed down by logistics and set timetables, you’re free to enjoy the beauty of the countryside and see the sights at your leisure.


To some, the thought of taking their family on the road for an extended holiday may seem daunting. The first hurdle is securing a car. If you don’t have a car, it’s simple to hire one. Major car rental companies including National Car, Avis and Hertz are located throughout the UK and most companies offer larger saloons, estate cars and people carriers that will accommodate larger families. Rental cars are well maintained and are typically no more than a few years old, so you are assured a comfortable ride.

Once the car is secured, the next major step is to make sure that your kids will stay entertained during the road trip. There are plenty of solutions to this challenge and parents can employ a mix of audio books, music, videos and games on a smartphone or tablet. With the car loaded up with petrol and happy kids in the rear seats, you’re good to go.

Where to go

The UK has a wide variety of destinations ranging from beach getaway spots to beautiful hiking trails, scenic countryside, stunning national parks and historic locations. Cornwall is always a popular driving destination thanks to its stunning coastline and beaches. On the opposite end of the spectrum, places far north like Inverness in the Scottish Highlands and the Lake District are also easily accessible by car. Other possible options include Wales, the New Forest and the Cotswolds. Whilst en route, driving will also make it possible to make detours and stops at memorable sites along the way.

When to go

For destinations a little closer to home, bank holiday weekends provide enough time for a quick family getaway. Longer road trips are a good way to break up the long summer holiday. However, other parts of the year should not be neglected. Autumn is one of the most beautiful months to travel around the UK and accommodation prices also tend to be lower during this part of the year.

Advantages of Driving Holidays

One of the main advantages of driving holidays is that they offer significant savings over comparable holidays abroad. Rental prices for vehicles are very reasonable and the easiest way to travel with smaller children. Another advantage of driving is the ability to view and appreciate the countryside and discover small towns and villages along the way. Finally, driving can get you to destinations that are hard to reach through air and rail travel. Countryside walking trails and national parks can be very difficult to get to without a vehicle and the UK is really best explored on the road.

6 thoughts on “Driving Holidays With Kids? Where, When, How and WHY!

  1. Deena X. Mcfadden

    Edinburgh Airport is located near to major motorways in Scotland and means that getting to Glasgow is relatively easy. If you want to take a trip to Glasgow from Edinburgh then a hire car will be of great help to you, as public transport can be a tiring experience. AnyCarHire.com lets you choose from a wide range of cars before you’ve arrived at Edinburgh Airport and lets you booking in advance. This means that you can be off the plane and into your hire car within 10 minutes and driving to your destination.

  2. Gigi Beleno

    Driving holidays can be real fun and entertaining ‘coz you get to enjoy the surroundings except if there are bumpy roads which are so annoying.

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      agree! hopefully the powers-that-be will do their job + make sure all our roads are paved + in good condition so that road trips can be more fun + comfy!

  3. aeirin

    Driving holidays or road trips give you the freedom to roam, the chance to discover little visited off-the-beaten-track villages and sights, as well as the opportunity to enjoy it all at your own pace, amidst often spectacular scenery. I love road trip expecially if I’m with my family..

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      i have yet to experience it + i cannot wait! hopefully we’d be able to take road trips soon 🙂

  4. Mommy Pehpot

    we love going on a Holiday specially if it is a long drive.. and yes, I always have to make sure that the are well fed and entertained during the trip 🙂


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