A Family Overnight Hotel Stay

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As a prelude to Mother’s Day, we spent a night in one of the hotels in Quezon City. I got free accommodations to Sir William’s Hotel from an event I participated in last year and thought of using it before it expires this June. So I whisk my little family of three to the city one Saturday of May. We called the hotel earlier on to reserve us a room and I was glad that one of their rooms is available on the date we chose.

We were running a bit late that day since we had to do an errand before leaving. We even made a quick stop to the local McDonald’s to grab a quick lunch and get the little man a free Ironman poster! Surprisingly, it also rained that day that we had to call the hotel’s reception to inform them that we are on our way.

We went straight to the hotel’s basement where the parking is located before we heading to the hotel’s main desk. Checking in was easy-breezy. They just had to confirm my reservation after I presented my gift voucher. We also had to pay Php360 for service charge and an additional Php500 for key deposit {which will be refunded upon check out}.

summer, family time, weekend destinations, travel, accommodations

We were given the suite room on the fifth floor which is ridiculously big for the three of us! There was even a receiving room where we can entertain a guest or two during the prescribed visiting hours. Apart from being big in size, there is nothing really exceptional about our hotel suite. What bothered me is that we even had to call in and request for toiletries after checking that they are noticeably absent from the bathroom. It was a good thing I packed a set of toiletries for us but I happen to forget stashing a tube of toothpaste and a bath soap.  🙁

We watched a bunch of the little man’s favorite cartoons on Disney Junior and Cartoon Network and went to check out the pool upstairs later in the afternoon. Jared enjoyed swimming in the pool. Good thing I packed his floaters because there was no kiddie pool available. We swam for a few hours until we decided to go back to our room.

We did not want to go through the hassle of dining out so we decided to order room service and had dinner in the hotel while Jared busied himself watching animated cartoon films on his dad’s external drive which we packed for this stay. We loved the adobo we ordered. The pancit is also good but Jared only had a few spoonfuls not wanting to be disturbed from the Peter Pan film he was watching at the time.

We had a “New Girl” marathon after dinner. The little man was off to zzz land after a couple of episodes and his dad followed after a few more. I planned to finish all two seasons of this funny sitcom that stars Zooey Deschanel but was having an eye strain by the 8th episode that I decided to hit the sheets and sleep with my two boys instead.

By the time we woke up the following morning we were surprised to find out that it was already 9am. Jared’s dad and I agreed that we have not slept in this late for a very long time. He decided to go out and buy breakfast. We also ate the leftover pancit from last night’s dinner after which, we were already preparing ourselves and our stuff to check out.

Staying in a hotel sure is a relaxing and enjoyable way to spend quality time with the family. A day way from our usual day-to-day activities sure is a very welcome change. I hope to do this adventure again soon with my boys.Thank you’s go out to the staff of Sir William’s Hotel for accommodating us!  😀

Sir William’s Hotel
#39 Timog Avenue, Quezon City
{02}371-4333 to 48

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