A Happy Mailbox Day!

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It is indeed a happy mailbox day today! After having received only a couple of postcards last week, I was delighted to get these wonderful surprises in my imaginary mailbox {in reality, the new friendly mailman handed these babies to me!}. I was feeling rather gloomy since it was a holiday yesterday because of the National and local elections and was wondering if I will ever get get a number of cards this week. And true enough, I got these lovelies! Apart from that, I also got the books I ordered from Book Depository, 3 out of the 5 books I bought were delivered right at my doorstep. I was feeling worried these books might be lost since it has been more than a month since I ordered them. Good thing I received them in the nick of time!

I shall feature my new postcards in individually post. Oh and by the way, a few of these cards belong to the little man as I’ve also created his own Postcrossing.com account.

To everyone who sent me these cards, thank you all for making my day!  :heart:

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