A Parcel from Indonesia

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Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

I receive this little envelope from Indonesia a few months back. I really love receiving surprises from the mail, especially envelopes filled with wonderful goodies that I am not even expecting! So you can just imagine how thrilled I am to get this one 🙂

Turned out it came from one of the people from a swap game I participated in last December. I was not able to get the very first envelope she send and it was too kind of her to volunteer to send me another one and it was a good thing I received it this time! Apart from the postcards, she also filled the envelope with other lovely stuff from her country!

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

The parcel includes the following surprises:

  • 5 pieces of lovely postcards {as we’ve agreed on our swap game}
  • a lovely ref magnet of Indonesia’s traditional costume
  • packs of teas from Indonesia
  • a bag of an Indonesian instant coffee
  • 2 lovely keychains

Indonesia, swapping, postcards, souvenirs

Thank you so much for the stuff you gave me, Larissa, I love ’em all! 😀  I will make sure to send you something in the mail, too, as a token of my appreciation. I will also make sure that I put these stuff in envelope for foam packaging to be sure they reach you in the best of conditions! 🙂