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Summer Must-Read iPad Mini Giveaway

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Summer sure is a perfect time to catch up on your reading while on vacation. That is why I am delighted to share with you yet another exciting giveaway. An iPad mini is up for grabs so you can bring along all your summer must-reads without the hassle of packing books that weigh a ton. The people behind this even also came up with this exciting indie authors must-read line-up that you ought to check out, too. Do not forget to enter the giveaway towards the end of this post.  😀
When it comes to summer reading indie authors offer a refreshing alternative to predictable plots from big name writers. Here’s a list of ten titles from emerging indie authors, pick your favorite and vote on Facebook HERE!

 Elected by Cathy Travis

As Iraq teeters on civil war, and climate change becomes more obvious every day, ELECTED imagines another history of the 21st Century … one with gasless cars, but without the war in Iraq – in a book readers are finishing in one sitting and starting over again.

More About the Book

“The style was fresh, the writing slick and fast-paced, with witty dialogue and delightful details that gave realistic characterization and narration. Travis’ creative liberties added an original kick, but did not stray so far from what happened in history to make it seem like two different Americas. The progression of the novel

was noteworthy, I like the way the characters develop and change throughout the period of time that elapsed. One of my favorite things about the novel was the international scope, which still plays a huge part of American politics.”

Read the reviews on by Amazon readers, more about the author and other books by Cathy Travis.

Special Must-Read Price Cut: E-book was $5.00 and is now .99 cents! Continue reading

5 healthy things to pack while travelling

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healthy things to stash while you’re on the road

When you are traveling for business or during a vacation, it is important to pack healthy snacks. Keeping some healthy snacks in your carry-on or vehicle ensures that you can keep your energy levels up throughout the day. Having a few healthy snacks on hand can also be useful in the event of a layover flight or in the event that you become lost in an unfamiliar territory. Here are some healthy snacks that you should always have on hand as you travel.

Carry Some Baby Carrots

Having baby carrots on hand is essential. It is easy to buy miniature packs of baby carrots, and you can easily store them in a cooler or in a purse. Not only do carrots tend to prevent cancer and heart disease, but they can be used to improve one’s vision. Carrots can also be used as a cleanse for the body too.

Invest in Some Bottled Water

If you will have a vehicle during your travels, then you should keep a case of bottled water in your car. It is essential to ensure that you are hydrated at all times of the day, and bottled water will ensure that receive the hydration that you need. It is also easy to toss a bottle of water in your purse and head out the door.

Buy Some Bananas

Bananas are also a great healthy snack to keep during one’s travels. One of the major benefits of bananas is that they tend to increase one’s energy levels. Bananas are also incredibly affordable. Bananas have a high level of Vitamin C, and bananas are also low in calories. You can keep your cholesterol levels down by chowing down on some bananas during your travels.

Have Some Almonds

Almonds also make for an excellent snack to have during one’s travels. It is easy to divvy up some almonds and place them into small baggies. You can munch on almonds while on an airplane or while you are in a waiting line. Almonds help to reduce the risk of heart attack in individuals, and they are also low in fat. Almonds are also known to improve the nervous system. They also help to improve the capabilities of the brain. There is also evidence that consumption of almonds tends to improve one’s immune system. If you want to fight off illness during your travels, then you should definitely be eating almonds on a regular basis.

Protein Bars

It is also important for you to keep your protein levels up during a vacation. Ensuring that your protein levels stay high means that you will be able to maintain a high energy level. You will be able to do all of the activities that you have envisioned during your traveling experience.

These are the top five healthy foods that you should always consume when traveling. Its also advised to carry Dulcolax laxative drink on the side as a precaution as you might start feeling uncomfortable and unable to ‘go’ because of a variety of reasons, making the rest of your trip strenuous. Make sure to have some of these healthy foods on hand, and you will be able to keep a high energy level during your next traveling adventure.

Author Bio: John is a dietitian and has been for the past 2 years. In his spare time he likes to write blogs about health, fitness and all round well-being.

Another Happy Mailbox Day

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My virtual mailbox is feeling rather lonely. The postman has not been here all week to bring my mail. Good thing that he was here earlier today and brought me all these lovely surprises! 🙂 Am thinking that he is probably saving his visits and are waiting for postcards and envelopes to pile up over the week before paying me a visit. I think that is quite another way to do it, if it is more convenient for him. Our postman is new as our old friendly postman just retired at the beginning of this year. He would visit me several days in a week to bring my mails. Oh well, so long as I get all my postcards and mails, I guess I have no complaints whatever floats this new postman’s boat.

Anyway, included in today’s haul are the following postcards:

  • Ohio map card {official card}
  • Florida map card {official card}
  • this cool word map card of The Netherlands {official card}
  • Belarus stamps in 20 years
  • a thank you card from Finland
  • Alphonse Mucha artwork {official card}
  • How the little ion and the turtle sang a song {official card} for Jared
  • a street view of Hong Kong {official card}
  • birds postcard {official card} for Jared
  • Werder Havel, Germany {official card}
  • Higantes of Angono {direct swap}
  • Bidal Veil Falls of Oklahoma {direct swap}
  • and an envelope with an assortment of blank cards which I shall be posting on my swap album soon

This sure is a perfect ending to the month with the hopes of receiving more surprises in the mail next month. 😀

Another Batch of New Postcards for Swap

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It has been sometime since I have last visited the local Puregold for our grocery errand and to buy some postcards, too, since Jared’s dad was sweet enough to do the grocery for me. That is why I am quite excited when I finally had the chance to go there again the last time we did our groceries. It was only here that I get to buy these big beautiful postcards that I add to my collection of postcards for swap. I do not know when I’d be able to come down here again so I made sure to choose a number of postcards to add to my stash.

Check out my newly-bought cards. I will be swapping this for US map cards, for lovely Gotochi cards, or for any interesting card that catches my fancy. If you are interested in any of these cards, you may check them all out here and send me a message using my contact form.  :-))