A New Gotochi Card From Japan

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Receiving Gotochi cards are really quite a treat. For those who are not in the know, Gotochi are those uber cute shaped cards that originated from Japan.

And here’s what Wiki Answers has to say about a Gotochi:

A gotochi card is a Japanese postcard that is irregularly shaped and shows a colorful cartoon scene/item symbolic of the particular prefecture/region/city it is sold in. For example, a gotochi card from Tokyo might show tall buildings or one from Kyoto might show a geisha. The name of the area is printed on the card. Because of their irregular shapes and sizes, they cost more to send than regular postcards.

I recently got one in the mail and boy was I really delighted to get it. It was an official Postcrossing.com card with ID#:  JP-405701. It was sent by Masayo who lives in Tokyo and works at Japanese Language School.

Thank you so much for this lovely Gotochi card Masayo. Am sending a thank you card your way real soon!  😀

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