Another Happy Mailbox Day

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My virtual mailbox is feeling rather lonely. The postman has not been here all week to bring my mail. Good thing that he was here earlier today and brought me all these lovely surprises! šŸ™‚ Am thinking that he is probably saving his visits and are waiting for postcards and envelopes to pile up over the week before paying me a visit. I think that is quite another way to do it, if it is more convenient for him. Our postman is new as our old friendly postman just retired at the beginning of this year. He would visit me several days in a week to bring my mails. Oh well, so long as I get all my postcards and mails, I guess I have no complaints whatever floats this new postman’s boat.

Anyway, included in today’s haul are the following postcards:

  • Ohio map card {official card}
  • Florida map cardĀ {official card}
  • this cool word map card of The NetherlandsĀ {official card}
  • Belarus stamps in 20 years
  • a thank you card from Finland
  • Alphonse Mucha artworkĀ {official card}
  • How the little ion and the turtle sang a songĀ {official card} for Jared
  • a street view of Hong Kong {official card}
  • birds postcard {official card} for Jared
  • Werder Havel, Germany {official card}
  • Higantes of Angono {direct swap}
  • Bidal Veil Falls of Oklahoma {direct swap}
  • and an envelope with an assortment of blank cards which I shall be posting on my swap album soon

This sure is a perfect ending to the month with the hopes of receiving more surprises in the mail next month. šŸ˜€

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