Mt. Apo Error Card

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postcards, special cards, error cards, Philippines

For the collectors, error cards are also quite a gem since they are rare and probably will not be printed or available again. That is why I am really delighted when I received this Mt. Apo error card recently. Why it’s an error you asked? The card is labeled as Mt. Apo but apparently it features a photo of Mt. Mayon!  :laugh: I know it is rather hilarious and I am sure this is an honest mistake from the manufacturer. Nevertheless, it is still one interesting card to collect won’t you agree?

I sure have a number of Mt. Mayon cards for swap, but I have never encountered a Mt. Apo card before. Hopefully the postcard printers will be able to print an accurate one soon. For those who are no in the know, Mt. Apo is the highest mountain in the country and is located between Davao, Davao del Sur and Cotabato. Also called the Grandfather of Philippine Mountains, Mt. Apo derived its name from a local word meaning “ancestor.” It towers over above else with its spectacular height of 2,954 meters. 

postcards, special cards, error cards, Philippines

Thank you Buge for this card and for the lovely message you wrote at the back!  :heart:

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