How to Make Decorations for Weddings

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When throwing together a wedding, the costs can add up very quickly. There are so many things that go into a wedding. You have to pay for the cake, the dress and tuxedo, the food, the venue, and the list goes on. To top it off, it’s expected to hang up decorations. The costs for these items can rack up as well. To cut down on expenses for Cape Cod weddings, be sure you know how to make your own decorations.


One popular decoration to feature at a wedding is pom-poms made from tissue paper. This is not at all hard to do, and you can create many within a short amount of time with a small task force. Starting out, stack a few layers of tissue paper. Gather about 5 layers, give or take, depending on how full you want the pom-poms to be. Fold the stacked tissue papers accordion-style until you’re left with one long strip. Trim off the ends into whatever shape you desire. Then take a pipe cleaner and twist it around the middle of the strip, leaving a “stem” that spans a few inches. Last, pull the layers of the tissue paper apart to “fluff” it. By the end of this task, you should have pom-poms that you can hang from the ceiling.

Paper Roses

For empty wall space for Cape Cod weddings, consider making roses out of paper. Again, this is a short and easy process. First of all, gather together cardstock paper and set up a glue gun station. Cut out the paper so that it forms a large circular spiral that ends in the middle of the paper. Take the outside end and begin rolling the paper inwards. Be sure to keep the roll tight as you do this. When you’ve wound the paper so it reaches the other end, stop. Let go of the paper so it loosens and a rose naturally forms; you may need to unwind it manually if it’s too tight. Last, put a small dab of hot glue on the inside end of the paper spiral. Glue this part to the wound-up paper rose that should be on the top. When the glue dries, your rose should be complete.

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  1. Olga

    I think I’d rather have fresh flowers in a wedding. But these decorations would surely work well for other occasions. The poms-poms would be great for my lil girl’s birthday. 🙂


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