Travel Bucketlist #8: New York

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a night view of the famous Brooklyn Bridge in New York

One of the places that I would love to see in this lifetime is New York, also known as New York State {to distinguish it from New York City}. There are lots of interesting places to visit there and who would pass the chance to ride one of those iconic yellow taxis and visit the world-famous Statue of Liberty? Oh and who wouldn’t want to sample the famous New York food at the equally famous Seredipity 3 restaurant? If I can afford it, I’d probably book one of those NYC travel packages from so that I can spend my birthday in Manhattan!

Oh well, this might be just a very long shot but if I ever find myself boarding a plane one day and heading to New York State here are what’s going to be on my itinerary:

  • Times Square ~ Remember the jumbotron Gru and his minions stole in the first Despicable Me film? It is located on Times Square, along with a gazillion of other eye candies that are sure to leave anyone seeing it for the first time in awe. It is also one of the most visited intersections in the world, so best prepare yourself for the throngs of people milling about by the time you visit. Apart from the numerous shops to check out, I would like to visit Broadway since this is where my favorite band of all time, The Goo Goo Dolls, come from.
  • Central Park ~ You have seen this park featured a number of times on famous American flicks and I sure would like to experience visiting it for real!Located right in the middle of the island of Manhattan, the world’s most famous park offers its visitor a break from the buzzing city activities by giving them the chance to explore its grounds, the fountains and bridges, as well as its huge reservoir.
  • The Empire State Building ~ the state’s tallest building, located in Midtown Manhattan is one of the must-see attractions in this side of the United States. I would like to see the rest of the city from its 102nd-floor viewing deck.
  • The Statue of Liberty ~ a ferry ride to the most celebrated statue will be such an amazing experience. This well-loved symbol of the American freedom has been doing welcoming duties to seafarers around the area since 1886 and a group shot with her in your photo sure is a perfect memento of one great travel adventure.

    my Niagara Falls shaped postcard

  • Niagara Falls ~ another world-famous attraction found in New York. A trip to this state is hardly ever complete if you will fail to visit this great work of nature. If I ever come by, I will also make sure to buy a stash of Niagara Falls postcard to send to my postcrossing friends!  :laugh:

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