How To Entertain Yourself During Long Travels

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Long travels, especially when done alone, is more like a pendulum that swings both ways. Those who are of introvert nature can thoroughly enjoy the experience, while those who hate being alone and constantly crave for the company of friends and family can find it rather lonely and unbearable.

In life there will always be a time when you have to travel on your own and if you are someone who simply dreads the idea, here are a few things that will surely help you pass the time while in transit or will allow you to enjoy the experience better:

  • Bury yourself in a book ~ chances are you might find yourself thick in a flurry of a number of activities, so your travel time might just be the perfect time to settle in nicely with one of your paperbacks that has been left unfinished in your tote bag for quite a while.
  • Tinker on your gadgets ~ those handy-dandy techie creations are after all designed to keep you updated and connected even while on the go. Aside from passing the time playing each and everyone of the games installed on your tablet or your smart phone, you can also use them to listen to soothing and relaxing music while you travel to your destination. You might also have an inkling to shop and save on psr s910 at guitar center, being the music lover that you are, so it is a good thing that you can always browse online, too, thanks to wi-fi connections, when you feel the need to do it!
  • Take Photos ~ you can snap photos of the lovely and interesting things that you pass by, or you can take loads of selfies on different stops you make. They not only make for perfect travel mementos, it is also a great opportunity to hone your photographic skills and sharpen your creativity.

3 thoughts on “How To Entertain Yourself During Long Travels

  1. Dhadha

    When I travel I make it to a point na dala2x ko ang iphone ko and dslr. I agree na need mo magbring ng gadgets pra hindi boring ang pagtravel ng mag isa. I don’t usually read books kaya puro gadgets dala ko pra ma entertain ako. Hihi. 🙂

  2. Ane

    I never travel without a book. 🙂 I feel that it makes the trip faster when I read and I love how I’m able to catch up on some much needed reading. 😀


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