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Muscle Cars {Forever} Stamps

 stamps, USA

I am not really too fond of cars since there is no way I can afford them, but if you are talking about cars stamps now that is something I find really interesting!

I got these cars stamps from a previous direct swap. I did a bit of research and found out that these were called the Muscle Cars (Forever) stamps, a third issuance in the America on the Move series by the USPS. The series include 5 iconic automobiles that represents the adventurous spirit of the muscle-car era of the ’60s:

  • Pontiac GTO {1966}
  • Shelby GT-500 {1967}
  • Dodge Charger Daytona {1969}
  • Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda {1970}, and  
  • Chevelle SS {1970}

stamps, USA

These muscle cars artwork is created by artist Tom Fritz, who based them on photographs of the cars. He used bright-colored oil paints on hardboard.

So far I already have 4 in these series and I do hope I get to receive a card soon with the Plymouth Hemi ‘Cuda stamps so that I can complete this series.

This is my share for this week’s:

Do Brits need travel insurance when travelling in Britain?

Big Ben + the Parliament House

So you’ve made the decision not to go abroad for your annual holiday this year. Perhaps you were thinking that the travelling was too much. Or the financial costs just weren’t worth the holiday you would get. It may be that you have a tie to home that means you might need to get back quickly. Whatever the reason, you shouldn’t cancel out purchasing travel insurance. 

Get covered

Although it might not seem necessary, travel insurance is still something you should seriously consider when going on holiday in the UK. You can buy online travel insurance at the click of a button so there’s no excuse for not taking out a policy. Although most people tend to assume that travel insurance is designed to cover any medical costs that you might incur while abroad, it also covers a lot of other things as well. The NHS facilities that are available in the UK is the main reason why people might not bother with extra insurance; if they have an accident or fall ill, they will automatically be covered anyway.

Extra cover

When you go on holiday, there are a number of other elements that are covered by your travel insurance. What if you have booked and paid for everything then at the last minute, you have to cancel due to illness or a personal emergency? The money that you spent on your holiday will be lost if you don’t have any insurance; something you might not even have considered.

On top of that, if you have any of your belongings stolen, you may also find that your luck has run out. While your belongings could be covered by your home insurance, many policies don’t account for items being taken out of the house. And if you don’t have any home insurance, you’re unlikely to be covered for any thefts or losses.

Don’t make assumptions

It can be easy to assume that if you get travel insurance with your bank account or you bought an annual policy, then you will be covered in the UK as well as when you are abroad. This is not necessarily the case and you will need to check the details of each individual policy. On top of that, some insurers will only cover you if you are a certain amount of miles away from home.

Generally, when you buy a travel insurance policy for a holiday abroad, you will be covered for everything in all the countries you travel to. When it comes to staying in the UK for your holiday, the policies can impose restrictions. Personal liability may not be included and you may find yourself with location problems if you have to be hospitalized. With the right policy, you can be transferred to a hospital closer to your home, making things easier for your family members and yourself when you can go home. Without any insurance, you could be stuck in a hospital and your family could be at home literally hundreds of miles away. With all this in mind, travel insurance should still be an essential purchase for your holiday wherever it is.

Lauren Sutton is a regular travel writer for 24/7 Travel Insurance. While Lauren loves living and working in Britain, when it comes to holidays, she is most likely to jet abroad to the nearest hot and sandy beach.

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Top 10 Activities For The Family To Experience In Bali

travel, travel tips, Bali, Indonesia

The ideal family holiday destination, Bali offers such a variety of family friendly activities that the only difficulty you’ll have is deciding which one to do first!

Bali Tree Top Adventure Park

In Bedugul Botanical Garden enjoy a bird’s eye view from the treetops when the family play Tarzan at the Bali Tree Top Adventure Park. Bali Tree Top Adventure Park is suitable for all ages and all abilities, luckily, all levels of bravado.

Menjangan Resort

Menjangen Resort incorporates Menjangen Island, where the family can snorkel and try horse riding, trekking and bird watching. Stay overnight in a mangrove cabin and see monkeys, deer and wild boar from your safe seat on the roof of a jeep.

Bali Safari and Marine Park

Roaming free for the family to see at Bali Safari and Marine Park are wildebeest, rhinos, zebras and more. Take a day tour or, if the family is up for it, a night safari to see the nocturnal animals.

Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park also serves as a rehabilitation centre, offering an educational and entertaining experience that the adults will enjoy just as much as the kids. There are Komodo dragons here, as well as hundreds of species of exotic birds, including cassowary, parrots and birds of paradise.

Bali Reptile Park

Bali Reptile Park, adjacent to Bali Bird Park, has the world’s largest reticulated python in captivity and an open-air reptile enclosure where the kids will love – or hate – to handle the monitor lizards, pythons, tortoises and iguanas.

Green Camp

This is interactive eco-tourism at its best, allowing you and the kids to settle into the natural local surrounds, and plant rice, climb coconut trees, pick cocoa and make chocolate. There are scheduled seasonal camps and drop-ins are welcome year round.


The whole family will have fun at Waterbom Park and Spa, on rides including slides and rafts, and in the pleasure pool, spa and swim up bar. You’ll be back for sure, after being issued with a discount card for your return visit within 7 days.

Monkey Forest Road

The southern end of Ubud is the home to a group of Balinese macaque, which will steal anything you have loose, so secure your belongings before visiting these cheeky monkeys. Don’t let the kids touch them or try to feed them – they bite!

Elephant Safari

Ride an elephant at the Elephant Safari Park, just an hour from Ubud. See these gentle creatures playing and bathing in the lake, and help the rangers feed them. Have your photo taken with your favourite elephant as the perfect memento to take back home.

Rafting, Surfing and Bodyboarding

Bali is one of the world’s top surf destinations, with beaches perfect for surfers and bodyboarders of all levels of experience. For the best river rafting, head to the Ayung River, northwest of Ubud and the Unda River, north of Kungklung.

There is so much for the family to enjoy in Bali as well as the stunning beaches. To find out more, speak to the experts at Escape Travel.

Xanthe Coward is a theatre reviewer and blogger who is working on creating an eco-friendly green camp of her own in her suburban back yard.

Postcards from The UK

postcards, UK, Wales

The United Kingdom is one of the most fascinating place in my opinion, that is why I always love it whenever I received postcards from that part of the world. Earlier this year a dear friend of mine who happens to live and work in the UK, went home for a short visit and got me a couple of lovely UK postcards as homecoming gifts.

postcards, UK, Wales

Included in this pack of postcards that Mommy Mars got me from the UK was this lovely attraction in Cornwall, as well as this beautiful postcard of the Cardiff Castle in Wales, interesting cards to add to my growing collection! ♥