Postcrossing Philippines’ First Ever Meet-Up for 2013

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destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

the little man in front of our National Hero’s monument

Note: This has been sitting in my Drafts folder for the longest time. I shall be meeting my postcrosser friends next month so I was sort of inspired to post this today. Unfortunately, my hard drive is going bonkers and I cannot include most of the photos I took that day, except for these which I have rummaged through my files. Hopefully, my hard drive will be okay in no time so that I can update this post with more photos of what transpired that day.

Our group scheduled our first meet-up for this year on Saturday at the Rizal Park in Manila. It has been ages since I was last there and it was the little man’s first time to be there. Needless to say, apart from the EB, we did enjoy this park visit.

destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

these are what i took home from this meet-up: two little booklets from the exhibit, a vintage Rizal Park postcard, a washi tape + this cool Tinkerbell shaped card from Japan! ♥

Our group found a shady silent vacant table at the Chess Park and thus the meet-up commenced. Some member bought some of their collections and I was really fascinated with these lovely shaped cards that Mommy Willa showed us. She also came bearing gifts from our generous members from Japan, Mommy Clang. I got a number of washi tapes, which I shared with fellow members Philip and Rence, as well as this beautiful Tinkerbell shaped card.

Later in the afternoon we trooped to our National Hero’s monument for a photo op. We also explored the rest of the park and the little man took this opportunity to check out the fountain in the middle, as well as the other part of the park.

destination, Rizal Park, Manila, postcrossing meet ups

The members also came with our traditional meet-up cards which we have signed by all the members in attendance. Lucky I got this Luneta cards in a National Bookstore branch we passed by on our way here. I shall be sending 9 of them to my postcrossing friends in a few days.

We even get to experience the Filipino-Chinese Friendship Festival as an added treat!

It was such a great experience catching up with fellow Postcrossing Philippines members. We even get to meet new members, Agatha and Abigail. Looking forward to our next meet-up guys!

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