Different Industries Featured on Stamps

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For this week’s Sunday Stamps, I am featuring some of the industry-related stamps I have received. Lucky for me as I have recently got these cool stamps from Brazil that feature the industry of shoe making and dressmaking. I find them really interesting, not to mention colorful and with well-thought of design.Β 

Earlier this year, I have also received another stamp that features the colorful industry of fashion. This one is from Spain and feature this lovely and elegant red dress that probably epitomized the beautiful world of Spanish Fashion.

These industries may seem little compared to other industries that govern and lord over our societies but come to think of it, shoes and clothing are actually bare necessities and no one can go about in their day-to-day activities without them, so I guess am changing my mind about tagging them as little industries!

Check out the other industries depicted on stamps here:

9 thoughts on “Different Industries Featured on Stamps

  1. Maria

    I have the sapatero stamp and it’s nice to see stamps from the same issue here at your page (costureira) and at Willa’s. I realized most of the nouns we use for the same occupations are very much the same in Brazil.

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      Sapatero is also a term we use here in our country as we are greatly influenced by the Spanish, I am just not sure about costureira, I think we have another term for it but it escapes me now. Yep, I saw that my dear friend Willa also posted these same stamps on her blog. Unfortunately, these are also the only ones I have related to the them, that I had no choice but to post them anyway. Am sure she does not mind πŸ™‚

  2. Joy

    I never tire of those Brazil stamps but have never managed to receive all the trades in the set. They are drawn by Hector Consani.


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