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Thinking Of You Postcards

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I received a bunch of these “Thinking Of You” Postcards a few weeks back. I got them as a freebie from this online buying site that contacted me to do a feature about them on my mum blog. I readily agreed, considering the kind of items they have on sale. Just check out this postcard, don’t you think it’s lovely?

The postcard packet contains 12 different cards featuring famous landmarks and attractions of the world, including Big Ben and the House of Parliament in London {the one depicted in the photo}, the Sydney Opera House in Australia, the Colosseum in Rome, the Louvre in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Millennium Eye and the London Bridge, among others. Each one has the same message. I think the color of the cards is rather dramatic, I wouldn’t mind having a couple of sofa cushions in this design, would you?

I will be swapping the lot of them for US States map cards, shaped cards or any cards that might be of interest to me. Do not hesitate to contact me for your offer, right?

A happy weekend ahead!

Cafe Scientifique’s Why Should Pinoys Bother With Science at the Mind Museum

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In celebration of one of National Heroes, Gat. Andres Bonifacio’s 150th anniversary, Mind Museum’s brings you Cafe Scientifique’s Why Should Pinoys Bother With Science, an open discussion with the public with guests scientists from Phivolcs, Pagasa, and the Manila Observatory. This event is also in line with Bonifacio Global City’s PassionFest.

Cafe Scientifique is a world-wide movement that aims to bring science closer to the public through conversations.

Happening at the Canopy Plaza of the Mind Museum on Saturday, 30 November, 2013,  this is the public’s chance to take part in helping build our nation’s scientific culture. This event is open to the public, if you are interested to join, kindly RSVP to

This is a perfect weekend activity for the family, in case you have not made plans for the weekend yet, and a perfect way to cap November, too!

To know more about this event, kindly follow the Mind Museum Facebook Page or call their hotline, 909-MIND {6463}

Killing Time in Airports: From I Spy to Travel Diaries

Travelling by plane is great fun but sitting around in airports is rather less entertaining, isn’t it? If you have ever endured a long wait for a delayed flight or for an awkward connecting flight then you will know the utter misery which this can inflict on even the cheeriest traveller.

The next time you are in airport take a look around the waiting areas and you will see rows of broken spirited people sitting around wondering whether they will live to see the day their flight finally departs. To avoid falling into the same category here a few ways to kill some time and feel good the next time you are stuck in an airport.

Write or Draw Something Creative

Maybe your creative side will come to the fore while you are sitting around waiting. Have you wanted to start a diary for some time but not got round to it yet? If you are heading off on a long trip then this could be the first entry in your travel diary, although it will probably be the least exciting of them all. Another option is to sketch some of the things you see in the airport while you are waiting around there, which is a great excuse for people watching as well.

Eat Like There’s No Tomorrow

People will tell you that eating just before a long flight is a bad idea. They are probably right but filling up on food is one of the best ways to pass some time in an enjoyable way. You could easily kill half an hour on a meal if you are slow with it and the service isn’t overly fast. Ordering a coffee at the end is also a way of making it last longer. You’ll just need to hope that your flight isn’t called unexpectedly while you are still waiting or while you are sitting there with a full stomach straining at your waist band.

Get Some Exercise

Something which is definitely a good idea on every level is to get some exercise instead of just sitting around. This is a fantastic thing to do before flying and will help you kill some time very easily. This can range from simply walking about the airport to doing some more complex exercises in a quiet area.

Play an Old Fashioned Game

You might have a smartphone, a tablet of a laptop with you. However, the modern games on these devices can get tiresome very quickly when you are stuck in a departure lounge. Instead, you could indulge in some classic, old fashioned games to while away the minutes and the hours. If you have someone with you then a lo-tech game of I Spy can be good fun. If you played car snooker as a child on long road trips then you could adapt this game and make into luggage snooker. This just involves spotting different colours of luggage in the right sequence.

Listen to Music

One thing your modern gadgets could come in handy for is listening to music. Maybe you have a lot of songs on them which you have never really had the chance to listen to before now. This is the perfect moment to find a quiet spot, put on your headphones and lose yourself in some songs.

See Some Local Sights

If you know that your flight is going to take a while before it takes off then you could hop out of the airport to see some of the local sights. Many of the UK’s airports are close to great things to do which are easy to get to. For example, if you jump in an airport taxi Heathrow is within easy distance of the likes of Windsor, Eton, Legoland and Hampton Court. If you have travelled a long way to get to the airport then this is a fine way of seeing a part of the country you might normally not spend time in.

Do Some Reading

Ideally you will have gone prepared for the worst and already have some reading material with you. A lot of travellers find that they are too nervous and fidgety to concentrate on reading a book in the airport, so magazines and newspapers could be a better idea. If you didn’t take anything with you then hopefully some of the local shops inside the airport offer the chance to buy some reading material. Magazines or newspapers with quizzes and crossword puzzles can be especially good for helping the minutes fly by while you wait for that long awaited departure call.

Max Wheeler is a frequent flier who has had plenty of opportunities to work out what the best ways are to kill time in airports.

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Visiting The Mind Museum

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Visiting museums in my  opinion is one of the most ideal activities to do with our little ones, and it is never too early tag along our children for a day of exploration, wonder and surprises. The Mind Museum has been on the top of my travel destinations list ever since I heard about it a year ago, that is why I was really thrilled when we get to finally visit the place when we joined last October’s Mom & Me Fun Circuit!

travel, educational places for children to visit, museums, travel + children, travel destination

why, hello thereT-rex!

We have visited a handful of museums in the past but I think the Mind Museum is the one that appeals to my little man the most. It also stands out from its contemporaries and this is thanks to the humongous 40-foot T-Rex dinosaur that will greet you as you enter the main museum area, not to mention the robot Memo who will graciously greet you at the entrance.

Upon entry, we are immediately ushered to one of their 3D theaters to watch the Birthplace, which is a flashback to 4.6 billion years of Earth’s natural history. The 3D film lasted for about 12 minutes.

travel, educational places for children to visit, museums, travel + children, travel destination

at the Universe Gallery

The Mind Museum is a project of the Bonifacio Art Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization. All ticket purchases and donations go to the maintenance and improvement of the Museum and its exhibits, plus help subsidize the entrance fees of teaches and public school students. The museum is divided into 5 main galleries, the Atom Gallery, Life Gallery, Earth Gallery, Universe Gallery and Technology Gallery and we joined other mom/dad and kids pair as we explore every nook and cranny. One of my boys’ favorite is that part of the museum with game consoles where they get to try a bunch of games. Jared was also fascinated with the mini billiard table as he saw a game on the telly recently and he cannot wait to give it a shot. He also enjoyed the miniature cars and other vehicles, as well as the Phase of the Moon exhibition where you get to view the different phase of the moon at a touch of a button. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the miniature displays about food, electricity, recycling among other things. I love the details and the love those who crafted these displays put into their projects. I also had fun peeking at the kaleidoscope and can barely keep up on how many colors I have actually seen there.

travel, educational places for children to visit, museums, travel + children, travel destination

the vintage car at the Museum Shop entrance

We also take a quick visit to the Museum’s shop and saw a lot of animal figures and other souvenirs up for sale. They also have a bunch of beautiful 3D postcards on display, which I would’ve been able to check out more if I wasn’t busy running after my little man who simply wants to touch everything he saw!

Visitors can also enjoy the wonders of nature in the Science-in-the-Park wing, which we unfortunately missed as we arrived to the place after sundown. I would love to check this out with my little one next time, though.

Did I mention you are free to take as much photos as you want? So I went ahead and snapped as many shots as my mobile camera can take. What can I say, I love taking photos, especially of beautiful places!

The Mind Museum’s booth at Blogapalooza 2013

Incidentally, Mind Museum was one of the businesses featured in this year’s Blogapalooza. They have a number of museum memorabilia up for grabs for the blogger attendees and I was delighted to take home a couple of these beautiful Da Vinci postcards.

If you are planning to go out with your little ones over the holidays, you might want to bring them to the Mind Museum. I am sure they will enjoy it as much as my little man did! The museum operates from Tuesdays until Sundays from 9AM-12NN, 12NN-3PM and 3PM-6PM. Tickets are sold at Php600 for adults and Php450 for children and students. Public school students and teachers can get admission tickets at only Php150.

The Mind Museum
JY Campos Park, 3rd Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
:phone: 909-MIND {6463}