Fundraising Giveaway Event for #TyphoonYolanda Survivors

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Some of you may have heard the news that the Philippines was recently struck by Typhoon Yolanda {international name: Haiyan}, one of the strongest tropical cyclones ever recorded, leaving the survivors empty-handed. The “apocalyptic” aftermath shows a horrifying scene of scattered debris from broken to completely destroyed houses, and dead people.

The government’s confirmed death toll was 1,774 early Tuesday, said Jose Lampe Cuisa Jr., the Philippine ambassador to the United States. The storm has injured 2,487 more, and displaced 660,000 people from their homes. Source: CNN

Being one of the fortunate ones that were spared from this devastating incident, we here at Life’s Cheap Thrills together with our friends at Bay Area Mommy, My Charmed Mom, Diva Fabulosa, and Hot Fun Stuff have decided to organize a giveaway event to raise funds for our fellow Filipinos that were affected. The support coming from different countries and organizations are overwhelming but these people are still far from recovery and they need more help to get through this tough time.

What you can do

We ask you to join us in this fundraising campaign. For a fee, your social media link(s) will be included in the entry form.

How will the funds go to the victims?

At the end of the giveaway, funds collected will be bank deposited to any of these three legitimate organizations:

Breakdown of the funds collected as well as deposit proofs will be sent to all participating bloggers via email and posted on this blog. Everything will be transparent.



  • $10 for the 1st link (Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest)
  • $5 for each additional link; up to 5 links (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, and Instagram)

Open to: Bloggers all around the world

Target: at least 50 bloggers

Last day: 11/18/2013

Blogger Reward: Refer the highest number of bloggers and you will get to host one follow page.



We just started contacting sponsors for this giveaway. We will keep updating the list below.

  • $100 Paypal cash

Open to: Worldwide

Start: 11/20/2013

Not interested in joining but you want to donate?

Not a problem! We’ve set up an online funding campaign at if you want to share a dollar or two. Every bit helps.

Or if you want to send it directly to an organization that accepts donations for the victims, see details here.

For in-kind donations:




Fundraising with GoGetFunding


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  1. get smart

    In support of these efforts, at least 60% of the book’s proceeds will go to (40%) and to direct funding for freedom from fossil fuels (FEFF) for individuals, localities and communities (20%). But I’m not stopping with these actions. An upcoming third speculative fiction novel in the Luthiel’s Song series will be re-named The Death of Winter and I will be organizing a campaign to raise energy transition funds for public schools around the sales campaign for this book (more on this later). Another publication effort examining the loss of glacial and sea ice and its consequences will direct funds to scientific research through the Dark Snow Project and to help support James Hansen’s continued work at Columbia University . A fourth and still unnamed publication will also be directed toward reinvigorating policy efforts to rationally and benevolently restrain human population with an ultimate goal to bringing it, along with consumption, back into balance with Earth Systems and to back out of our current and dangerous overshoot. These efforts will likely take years to complete. But they are now on the table.


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