Mailday Tuesday {05 November}

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took a quick snap of my cards before mailing them at the local Post Office

Firstly, I would like to apologize to all the recipients of my postcards as I am only posting their cards today. I have been cooped up at home for awhile when the little man fell ill recently. I just felt rather accomplished that I finally managed to write on each of these 31 postcards and visit the local Post Office today, as well. The little man was having a great time at his playschool, anyway, that he did not mind me leaving for awhile.

Here is the list of what I sent today:

  • K Kast, Germany ~ monkey postcard
  • L Huang, China ~ Guimaras Island
  • L Collins, Florida USA ~ Balut Vendor painting
  • K Kuich, Poland ~ Barasoain Church
  • M Van Der Does, The Netherlands ~ Guimaras
  • D Lazovskaya, Belarus ~ Roxas Blvd vintage card
  • G Lee, Taiwan ~ Mayon Volcano
  • D Volosozitar, Ukraine ~ Baguio City
  • K Aleksandraviciute, Lithuania ~ Mayon Volcano
  • A Buzinova, Cyprus ~ Mayon Volcano
  • S Kaplas, Finlad ~ Manila card
  • C Chang, Taiwan ~ Cloud Rat
  • W Shaobo, China ~ Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City
  • N Uborevicha, Ukraine ~ Barasoain Church
  • K Young, Florida USA ~ Anda, Pangasinan
  • C Hermans, The Netherlands ~ birds
  • E Ginman, Finland ~ Dolphins
  • M Stanchenkova, Russia ~ Guimaras Island

Personal Swap

  • N Maarif, Malaysia ~ 2 cards
  • E Saliendra, Bahrain ~ Crocodile, Calamian Deer, Whale Shark’s mouth
  • A Paulino ~ Vinta, UST, Wright Park, Sea Cucumber Green Tunicates, Whaleshark with Diver, Iguana
  • R Robinson, South Africa ~ Philippine Mapcard


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