Stamps of The Arctic

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stamps, Canada, Bulgaria, animals stamps

sorry for the blurry photo, my camera is wonky again 🙁

For this week’s Sunday Stamps, we are to share anything about the Arctic or Antartic. Only one thing actually came to my mind ~ polar bears! So I set off to rummage through all my postcards to check if I have anything polar bears and I guess it was my lucky day as I have found this lovely polar bear, which comes from a postcard sent to me from Canada by a friend.

stamps, Canada, Bulgaria, animals stamps

These set of stamps, on the other hand, depict the Gentoo Penguins from Bulgaria {scientific name: Pygoscelis Papua}. It came with a colorful map card of Bulgaria.

Check out more Arctic-related stamps here:

4 thoughts on “Stamps of The Arctic

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      i was having the same thoughts myself. Yes, i learn something new every week, thanks to Sunday Stamps! 🙂


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