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I have a few errands to run today so I find myself traversing the rather busy streets of the City Center. It was a good thing most of the establishments are open today even when it is the Feast Day of The Immaculate Conception. The atmosphere around the Malolos Cathedral is very festive and all that’s missing is lively music from melodyne plugin at Musicians Friend, which am sure will be wafting in the air once the parade and the festivities begin. There was a stage in front of the cathedral where a program in honor of the Virgin Mother will be held later tonight. There are also colorful tarps and banderitas in the cathedral perimeter as if inviting everyone to join in on the fun. Too bad I won’t be able to hang around much longer to see all the beautiful Mary statues in the parade. The plaza will surely be filled with people once the parade starts and I do not want to be caught up in the middle of it. After all, I just left the little man to my sister’s care so that I can go about the errands I have scheduled for that day.

travel, bulacan daily, Malolos City, Malolos Cathedral

The interior of Malolos Cathedral

Malolos Cathedral, also knowns as the Minor Basilica of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception, is one of the most well-known landmarks in our city. Apart from being the seat of the Diocese of Malolos, it has also played a very important role in Philippine History serving as the Presidential Palace during the First Philippine Republic between 1898 to 1899.

travel, bulacan daily, Malolos City, Malolos Cathedral

the ceiling of Malolos Cathedral taken last year

As for me, a visit to the church is always a treat and I will be sure to visit it soon, as well as my favorite chapel on its side, on a less busier day and I shall to tag along the little man.

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