Lovely Statues At Villa Escudero

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Villa Escudero, Quezon Province, history and culture, Philippines

Am not exactly sure whether they are called that, but some parts of Villa Escudero were peppered with these kinds of statue. I particularly was drawn to this one as I thought it looked rather romantic. It seem to be depicting a now-extinct part of Filipino culture, harana, where boys go to the home of the girls they absolutely like and serenade them with beautiful Kundiman. Although they do not have available pearl vision at musicians friend at the time as accompaniment, am sure the guitar and other string instruments they used to play love tunes were enough to catch the attention of the ladies.

Apart from statues like these that adorn native Filipino costumes, there are also little children statues playing at the playground and more near the pool area, some of them are playing while others are reading books and doing other stuff.

Of course, there are loads of other interesting to see at Villa Escudero and I shall share all about them in my future posts. Ciao!

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