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A Call To Send A Smile Card

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Here is a call to send a postcard for a cause in support of one of admin’s upcoming talk about the wonders of postcrossing. To demonstrate how our beloved hobby works, she would like to surprise the member of her audience with a postcard each, written by another person from another part of the planet. Sounds like a worthy cause, right? Here’s where you can send the smile card for that lucky stranger who might just end up to be another postcard enthusiast:

Apartado 001072
EC Rotunda – Braga
4710-998 Braga

To know more about this, kindly check out this site:

Valentine’s In My Mailbox

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“of heart…”

It sure is looking a lot like Valentine’s Day when I got this card recently. Don’t you just love the beautiful hearts? This card was sent by Sarah from Esslingen, Germany whom I had a direct swap with last year. She was looking for people to send cards for her dad’s birthday and I readily obliged. It sure is a sweet gesture for a father to have his daughter ask for postcards for his special day. If my parents were around, I’d definitely do the same. I remember sending the only recipe postcard I have on stock because she mentioned that her dad is a chef.

postcards, Germany

Apart from sending me the lovely hearts to say thank you, my swapper even sent this cool Find-A-Word printable. I think it might be tricky as I’ve never tried this with a foreign language before but hopefully I’d fare good. I will try to look for these German words over the weekend.

By the way, the word game is not the only other thing I love, I also adore the postmark that was used on the envelope i received. Although I may not understand it, I know that it represents a momentous part of Germany’s history. Anyway, here’s a warm Valentines greetings to all who celebrate the occasion.

A Bulk Of Postcards At A Steal!

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A dear postcrosser friend was so nice to volunteer and buy me a bunch of postcards at the recent National Bookstore Warehouse sale. I would’ve really loved to go there myself but decided against it as it will be quite an effort to go there with a toddler in tow.

I received the package from the courier last Saturday and what’s so nice about these cards, you ask? At first sight, they are just your regular postcards off a National Bookstore rack, but since it was a warehouse sale, I got all these postcards {each pack has 25 pieces of postcards} for just Php100 {yes, about $2.22!}, can you believe that!

Now I guess I have about 500 pieces of cards on hand and I do not think I’d go postcard shopping for the next year or so. The next time I look for something to buy, I’d probably look for affordable varieties of kitchen cabinet organizers that will come handy in my little kitchen.

Do drop me a line if you want to swap with any of my new cards, I will make sure to update my swap album to include these, too.

Again, thank you so much Buge, for buying me all these cards! ^_^

Mailday Friday {07 February}

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Time again to mail a fresh batch of postcards, so I sneaked out while the little man was busy at playschool. This time around am sending a bunch of official card, as well as an assortment of cards for direct swaps. I ran out of stamps so I decided to visit the Post Office branch near the Water District instead of going to the Main one at the Capitol compound. As usual, they do not have the latest issued stamps available {like the glow in the dark varieties and the Year of the Horse Chinese New Year commemorative stamps}, but am glad they have the recently-issued Christmas stamps, so I got a bunch of those. Hopefully the recipients of my cards will love the stamp even when it is a few months delayed.

Here is the list of the postcards I sent today:

  • Olga Z, Russian Federation ~ Kalangay
  • Klaus L, Germany ~ Jeepney
  • Tracy C, USA ~ Worms feeding in the current
  • Xucheng, China ~ San Juanico Bridge
  • Anastasiya S, Ukraine ~ Egret
  • Yan L, Hong Kong ~ Corregidor
  • Wei L, Taiwan ~ Jeepney
  • Bror B, Finland ~ Barrio Fiesta painting
  • Joanna Z, Uk ~ “Prayer Before Meal in Oil” by Vicente Manansala
  • Samuel C, Canada ~ “Balut Vendor” by Vicente Manansala
  • Adela C, Czech Republic ~ Turtle
  • Tatiana B, Russia ~ Chocolate Hills
  • Monika M, Germany ~ Barasoain Church
  • Evan H, USA ~ Baguio’s Lourdes Grotto
  • Kateryna U, Ukraine ~ Manaoag Church
  • Ann L, Belarus ~ Horses in Wright Park, Baguio
  • Katrina K, Finland ~ Freight Hauler Carabao {B/W}

Smile Card

  • Ivy A ~ Whale

Direct Swap ~ In Envelope

  • Brenda + Makayla B, USA ~ Vintage Mosque, Greetings From Manila, Bohol’s Chocolate Hills