Valentine’s In My Mailbox

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postcards, Germany

“of heart…”

It sure is looking a lot like Valentine’s Day when I got this card recently. Don’t you just love the beautiful hearts? This card was sent by Sarah from Esslingen, Germany whom I had a direct swap with last year. She was looking for people to send cards for her dad’s birthday and I readily obliged. It sure is a sweet gesture for a father to have his daughter ask for postcards for his special day. If my parents were around, I’d definitely do the same. I remember sending the only recipe postcard I have on stock because she mentioned that her dad is a chef.

postcards, Germany

Apart from sending me the lovely hearts to say thank you, my swapper even sent this cool Find-A-Word printable. I think it might be tricky as I’ve never tried this with a foreign language before but hopefully I’d fare good. I will try to look for these German words over the weekend.

By the way, the word game is not the only other thing I love, I also adore the postmark that was used on the envelope i received. Although I may not understand it, I know that it represents a momentous part of Germany’s history. Anyway, here’s a warm Valentines greetings to all who celebrate the occasion.

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