The Apocalypse Project Opens This April At The Mind Museum

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The Mind Museum opens a special exhibition that will make you ponder about your relationship with the planet on April 25, Friday.

The Apocalypse Project: Imagined Futures is a speculative design exhibition that explores possible lifestyles as climate change continues to affect the planet. Contrary to the common end-of-the-world connotation, an apocalypse, originally translates from the Greek word meaning “a disclosure of knowledge.” This exhibit aims to not only inspire the public’s imagination on what can be creatively done to adequately prepare for the future, but also to empower the public to embrace climate change as a personal challenge through the following exhibit areas:

  • T.E.M.P.S (The Ephemeral Marvels Perfume Store) presents: The Smell Bar of Vanishing Scents
  • Climate Change Couture: Volume 2, Manila
  • The Fadelist: Tracks of Endangered Sounds
  • The Climatoscope: Futurescapes of Planet Earth
  • The Planetary Poetry Board
travel, event, educational places for children to visit, museums, exhibits

Catherine Sarah Young, the brilliant mind behind The Apocalypse Project

First launched in 2013 at ArtScience Museum in Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, The Apocalypse Project is a the brainchild of Catherine Sarah Young, an artist, scientist, designer, writer and explorer whose work combines the arts and the sciences to create stories, objects and experiences that facilitate wonder and human connection, thus allowing these 5 exhibit stations to bring out emotional connections with what we are losing and gaining in the context of climate change. Catherine has a degree in molecular biology and biotechnology from Mania, as well as a fine art education from Barcelona and was a Fulbright scholar from the School of Visual Arts in New York. She was a correspondent for the Philippine Daily Inquirer for six years, and is currently participating in an Art Science Residency Programme in partnership with ArtScience Museum, Tembusu College National University of Singapore and the Singapore-ETH Centre’s Future Cities Laboratory, working on the theme Climate Change and Environment Futures.

travel, event, educational places for children to visit, museums, exhibits

The exhibition, which allows exploration through the senses such as smell and sound, clothing, and habitat that can be investigate through objects, interactive exhibits and participatory art, will be located in the Technology Gallery of The Mind Museum beginning 25 April, 2014.

The Apocalypse Project, along with a bevy of other equally interesting exhibits, is one perfect way to bond with your children this summer. Not only will you be allowing them to learn, but the experience will also teach them about loving Mother Nature more as we face and help combat climate change.

To know more about The Apocalypse Exhibit and the other exhibits and summer activities at The Mind Museum, you may refer to my post here or you can always visit The Mind Museum website, You may also visit The Apocalypse website,

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      It was never mentioned when this exhibit will lasts, so i guess it will be up long enough for you + your kiddos to catch it! 🙂

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      + now is the best time to visit as they are having a summer promo for students! 🙂


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