Mailday Wednesday {07 May}

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Here is the list of the postcards I sent out recently. I do hope you find your name in it and may they reach their respective destinations soon.

Special Swap

  • Jan H, Palawan ~ envelope
  • Potin C, China ~ RR card

Fort Santiago Meet-up Cards

  • Clarissa S, Japan ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Sheryl A, Bacolod City ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Ruby C, CDO ~ Fort Santiago
  • Abigail A, PH ~ Entrance to Fort Santiago
  • Ria R, Naga City ~ Fort Santiago Vintage Card
  • Edwin N, Bahrain ~ Fort Santiago
  • Arnold F, TX ~ Fort Santiago
  • Divine C, Caloocan ~ Fort Santiago
  • Joanne G, Bukidnon ~ Fort Santiago
  • Dinna G, NY ~ Fort Santiago

Direct Swap

  • Fatima, Indonesia ~ Fort Santiago
  • Toe K, Singapore ~ Fort Santiago Vintage Card
  • Abran O, USA ~ Boracay big card
  • Cassandra S, USA ~ Fishermenn/Milkmen

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