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This Hongkong Postcard is the 3rd card I got from Starring You, if my memory will serve me right. It is always a joy to receive a postcard in the mail, especially if it is a surprise! For those who are in the know, Starring You is a Facebook Page that aims to spread postcrossing everywhere and sends a free postcard to anyone who messaged them with their mailing details. Isn’t this a cool idea to spread postcrossing to the world and to think that they even do this free of charge!

Here is a brief description about Starring You I’ve chanced upon on their Fan Page:

Nowadays we receive electronic messages via Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter, MSN and many other online media. Did we forget how it was to receive something tangible from the mailman? A card or a letter from another city, country or perhaps even from another continent. We’ll write you a personal message from one of the wonderful places we’ll visit and this message will travel all the way to your home. 

Our mission is to share as many beautiful places as possible with everybody who’s interested. Not everybody has the time, the means or the opportunity to travel, but via Starring You we hope to take you all with us around the world!

Sometimes we will also surprise you by sending you the banknotes or coins that we’ve got left from the countries that we’ve visited!

The service is completely for free, because of our donors. After receiving your first handwritten mail you can decide to donate, but that’s completely on voluntary basis. Sometimes we do something special for our donors. For example, the postcards from Malawi and Zambia were exclusively for the people who help us financially. For support via PayPal you can use this address: starringyou@outlook.com. If you have any questions about supporting Starring You, just write us a message for more information.

Our team consists out of Michael, a former student from The Netherlands, and some people who help him to keep everything running smoothly.

postcards, smile cards, special postcards, Starring You

Starring You have been in so many different countries, including Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia and a bunch of others. In August, they visited Hong Kong, Macau, The Netherlands and Belgium. I think they also went to Japan. Some wonderful time they sure are having exploring and traveling the world, right? I won’t mind doing the same, if given the chance!

Big shout outs to Starring You for taking the time to write out this card for me in between their trips. I particularly love receiving their surprise cards because of the many stars they lovingly wrote at the back. How many do you think these are?

Anyway, I will find time to look for the other cards Starring You sent me this weekend so that I might share them here, too. Do stay tuned for that and a lovely weekend to all!

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