Sunday Stamps: Stamps From Everywhere

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stamps, sunday stamps, Finland, Bahrain

It is the weekend once again and before we head out to visit my parents’ graves, here are my Sunday Stamps share for the week. This week’s theme is “anything you wish,” so I opt for these lovely stamps readily available on my computer. This first stamp is from Finland and I love it for the beautiful colors and because it is a shaped stamp. I rarely get shaped stamps, so this one is really a welcome treat!

stamps, sunday stamps, Finland, Bahrain

These next set of stamps are from Bahrain and was included in the Eid Mubarak card I received last year from a friend residing in Bahrain. The first stamp features the Arab Summit Conference and one of the participating countries, Mauritania. This set is comprised of 22 different stamps, one for each participating countries of the conference.

stamps, sunday stamps, Finland, Bahrain

The second stamps features King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the very first king of Bahrain. You can read more about him in this Wikipedia page

I hope you enjoyed these stamps I shared, now off to bask in the sun and enjoy our Sunday. For more interesting stamps, do visit the other participants’ share here:

Sunday Stamps

8 thoughts on “Sunday Stamps: Stamps From Everywhere

  1. Calantha

    As a child I loved to watch the Moomins. I never knew that it is from Finland and very popular.

    I love also your stamp of Bahrain. Pretty and colorful! I love arabian stamps.

    1. musings on meanderings Post author

      i just came across the Moomins when I started postcrossing, they are very cute. i was not aware that they are also a popular tv character 🙂


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