Personalities in Postcards: Marilyn Monroe

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postcards, postcards of interesting people in history, official cards, USA Who wouldn’t be fascinated with history and the illustrious personalities that make history all the more colorful and appealing? I know, I used to complain about how studying history can be quite a daunting task, but there is something infinitely interesting about it, that probably draws historians and enthusiasts to dabble in it with gusto.

This same thought process ran into my mind when I first started postcrossing, and how it will not only help me brush up on my geography, but also allow me to revisit history whenever I received a card and read further about the subject and the place where it came from. This is the same when I decided that people in postcards are the next thing I would like to collect! They are indeed fascinating lot especially when I get to receive well known personalities like Nelson Mandela and John F. Kennedy, for example.

Marilyn Monroe is the recent personality I got through an official card that came all the way from the UK. Born Norma Jean Mortenson on 01 June, 1926, Marilyn Monroe is probably one of the most distinguished women in modern day history. She is a famed American actress, as well as a model, a singer, and went to star in numerous successful films in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Back in the days, she must have been as sough-after and popular as these Hot Deals. She got a Golden Globe nomination for her outstanding performance in the 1956 film, Bus Stop, and went on to win a Gold Globe Award for her unforgettable performance in the film, Some Like It Hot in 1959. 

words of wisdom from Marilyn Monroe

Although her life and her death has been plagued with intrigues and controversies, Marilyn Monroe rose to fame and became a timeless icon. Decades after her time, she went on to earn accolades and was even considered the 6th greatest female star of all time by no less than the American Film Institute.

She may not be my personal fave, but I am glad to have this card in my collection. Thanks to the one who sent this out to me!

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