List Of 2015 Philippine Holidays

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Happy New Year!

Time again to start saving up for those quick getaways or holidays with the family and with that said, here is the list of 2015 Philippine Holidays to help you plot those vacations and organize your travel time more efficiently.

This year, let us all plan to go somewhere we’ve never been before and actually do it. These travels need not be grand and extravagant, in fact, if you can travel with less money spent, all the better! I am hoping we could travel more this year as we have not done so much traveling last year, although we did manage to visit the Manila Zoo and see Mali {I’ve been wanting to bring the little man there since time immemorial, see!}, had a playdate with mum friends and their kiddos at the Mind Museum, go to a Bulacan resort we’ve never been before and had a wonderful beach getaway, too.

This year, I do hope we can go to the beach and spend a night or two there, go to a local UNESCO Heritage Site, maybe or go for an outdoor adventure. Generally, I just plan to spend more time outdoors with the little man! And yes, a trip to the local park or parts of your city you have never been before is counted as travelling. So go make this year your best travel adventure yet!

What are your travel plans for the year 2015?

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