A New Philippine Map Card For Swap

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Philippines, postcards, map cards

Postcrossing enthusiast consider this a rare map card as you will not usually see this design at local bookstores. Some say, you can buy these cards at the airport but they sell it at a rather steep price. I once received a copy of this from a postcrosser friend but I would really like to send this to my swap mates from different countries, too.

Philippines, postcards, map cards

That is why I am glad to see a bunch of these postcards when we visited Intramuros during the Pasyal Sunday event not too long ago. These cards are available at Manazan Handicrafts shop located just outside of Fort Santiago. There are many beautiful postcard designs on hand, so you will not run out of cards to choose from and I am betting you will find it hard to resist hoarding on cards you will probably not find anywhere else. Apart from beautiful cards, Mananzan Handicrafts also sell a lot of beautiful local products and handicrafts, including accessories, home decor, clothing articles, and jewelries made from local indigenous materials. I am not entirely sure whether they also have magnetic bracelets available, but there are loads of different interesting items to choose from. I am sure anyone who visit will not go home empty handed. Mananzan Handicrafts is a great place to stop by whenever you visit Manila or Intramuros, I am sure you will enjoy each visit.

By the way, I am swapping these rare Philippine map cards for UNESCO World Heritage cards I do not have in my collection, US State Map Cards that I am missing, Harry Potter or Disney cards the little man do not have yet, as well as British Royal Family cards. Leave a comment for your offers. You can also see the rest of my cards in my swap album.

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