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A Guide To Summer Travel Essentials By Anne Curtis

Anne Curtis is one of my favorite local celebrity. I love that she is very down-to-earth, adventurous, and a very nice person considering her superstar-status. I also love her timeless style and would really love to wear a number of ensembles and dresses she has worn on her noontime show. Anyway, we were just watching her doing a skydive in Dubai the other day and I really hope I can get to try that one out one day soon.

Anne Curtis sure is a seasoned jet-setter and she’s complied a few summer travel essentials you ought to check out from your list before going on that much-awaited trip. Read more in the press release below.

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You’ve filed for leave, booked your tickets, reserved the hotel and mapped out your itinerary. Perhaps the only thing you have to do now is pack—arguably the most stressful thing you have to do before you go off your much-awaited summer jaunt.

So take your cue from Anne Curtis, Brand Ambassador of American Tourister Philippines, whose busy lifestyle, wanderlust and love for the season has narrowed it down to the most useful travel must-haves for the season. Between jetting off to Australia to spend time with family, wanting to explore Hamilton Island or the Northern Territory or even checking off Nepal this year on her summer go-to list, here are some of her summer travel essentials.


What would summer be without a nice pair of sunglasses? Whether you’re sunbathing on a sunny coast or touring exotic new locales, nothing says relaxed sophistication than a sun-drenched photo of yourself sporting your favorite pair.


It’s summer after all—so expect the rays to beat down. Be sure to slap on a lot of sunblock to protect yourself as you lounge by the shore or walk the streets of a new a city.

The throw-on dress 

Pack one of the most versatile pieces you can possibly bring on any trip—a simple, airy shift dress can be work with comfortable flip-flops or sandals for a leisurely stroll, over swimwear as a cover-up or if accessorized right, becomes a simple, night-out look.

The all-around clutch Continue reading

Personalities in Postcards: The Duke + Duchess Of Cambridge

I think I am on semi-hiatus from postcrossing and was not really active in swapping postcards these days. But there are just cards that come by that I simply cannot resist like this one featuring my favorite royal of all, well, next to his mum, Princess Diana. This card also features the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton. This was taken during the Royal Couple’s official visit to Canada, in time for the celebration of Canada Day.

The Royal Couple recently gave birth to their second offspring, Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. Named Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, Princess Charlotte was born on 02 May, 2015 and is the fourth-in-line to the British throne, following her grandfather Prince Charles, her father William, and her brother, Prince George. Her official title is Her Royal Highness Princess Charlotte of Cambridge.

The birth of the royal baby is always a festive occasion in the UK. The people celebrated the day with much anticipation. A number of famous UK landmarks all turned pink to announce her birth, including the London Eye, the Trafalgar Square fountains, Tower Bridge, as well as the Blackpool Tower. I bet most people also had loud and festive celebrations in the streets and in the pub, probably with loads of beer and with popular instruments and songs playing in the background.

Thank you Tibor for sending this lovely card. I love having this in my collection of the Royal Family postcards. I also love the British Science Week postmard you used! He sent me 2 other postcards featuring the British Royal Family and I will tell you all about them in my upcoming posts.