Traveling To Hong Kong

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Hong Kong, Asia

Hong Kong Skyline

Accessible to neighboring guests and foreign travelers via Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong has grown in popularity over the years and went on to become one of the top travel destinations in Asia. Situated in China’s southern coast, this lovely region is most known for its wide open skyline and the beautiful harbor. People fly in to Hong Kong to experience its eclectic culture, which is a wonderful cacophony of different colorful cultures.

Climate and people

Having a sub tropical climate, Hong Kong is expected to have long and humid summer, normally during the months of June to September. The rainy season usually comes between June and September while the mild winter is mostly brought about by the cool sea breezes.

While the Hong Kong weather may be diverse, its population, on the other hand, is made up of more than 90% of ethnic Chinese, which is very evident in their communities, colorful culture, and cuisine. Although Hong Kong might be a melting pot of various cultures, the Chinese influence is very evident at every turn.

Famous theme parks: family destinations in Hong Kong

Most people overseas would love to visit Hong Kong because of Disneyland Resort. Situated on Lantau Island, about 12 kilometers from Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Disneyland has grown in popularity over the years as it is a lot cheaper compared to other Disneyland parks and is more accessible than most of its counterparts, especially for those residing in Asia and nearby. With a wide variety of attractions that gets even the kids at heart excited, a day tour of Hong Kong Disneyland is just not enough that is why most people recommend that you get a 2-day pass to make your trip worth every penny. For those traveling with smaller children, prams are most advisable so the little ones will not get tired standing up in long lines or walking around the huge theme park.

If you want to check the rest of Hong Kong outside Disneyland, make sure you stay for a few days so you can have enough time to check out Ocean Park. The pandas alone will make the trip worth every second, while the cable car experience is a well deserved bonus.

Other Famous Hong Kong attractions

Whether you decide to explore Hong Kong on foot or via any of their numerous public transport, you will never run out of interesting places to see here. Beyond the theme parks, Hong Kong has a lot more to offer for the seasoned and newbie tourists. Have a breathtaking view of the harbor as you marvel at the names of well loved movie icons at the Avenue of the Stars. Be amazed at the architectural wonders of Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade, as well as the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center, and see traces of British influence as you visit MadameTussauds and look up at the amazing Clock Tower.

A Shopper’s haven

Hong Kong is one of the best places in the world to shop until you drop. Shopping malls are practically everywhere and wherever you decide to go, whether you plan to buy Bass Pedals or bags, you will be sure to find exactly what you are looking for. For high end and  luxury brands, some of the best places to splurge are the IFC Mall, Elements just next to Kowloon Station, Landmark on Pedder Street. Meanwhile, for some cheap yet fashionable finds, you may want to check out Laforet or venture into one of the many street markets that adorn the thoroughfares of Hong Kong. Just make sure to brush up on your Cantonese so you can haggle and shop for more items.

Colorful Hong Kong Transportation: A Must

Probably because of its big population, a diversity of transportation is available in Hong Kong to give travelers more option and ways to go about the region. One must at least try a couple of these public transportation to get the feel of the local vibe. The fastest way to go about town is through the Mass Transit Railway or MTR. Although it is a bit expensive, MTR can get you to your destination in no time with minimal chance of getting lost and without the stress that usually comes with other form of public transport.

On the other hand, you cannot fully experience Hong Kong if you will not try one of its many mode of public transport even once. The tram would be a perfect way to start. The local double decker will allow you full view of the bustling Hong Kong street, especially if you opt to sit in the upper deck. Although it might be a tad slower and a lot bumpier, it also gives you an impromptu field trip through the main Hong Kong thoroughfare, which should be quite an experience. For a spectacular view of the city skyline, on the other hand, the best public transport to try is the peak tram.

Take note that getting your very own Octopus Card upon arrival in Hong Kong will make your life there a lot easier, too. The Octopus Card is accepted in major public transportation and convenience and offers special discounts, too.

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