A New Gotochi From Hyogo, Japan

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postcards, Gotochi, Japan

I always love receiving a card from Japan and Gotochi are my favorites. Recently, I was able to swap with someone from Hyogo for this colorful card. The sender lives about 10 minutes away from this majestic castle. I bet it would be awesome to bike to this castle or pass it by daily. I wonder what sort of activities and festivities they host there on a regular basis. Perhaps a royal ball or a scrumptious banquet. There will be lovely music blaring from the grand halls, I suppose, and there might be live instruments from musiciansfriend.com played, too.

postcards, Gotochi, Japan

The generous sender also used this lovely stamp sheet, as well as other interesting stamps. I love them all. Thank you Chie for swapping and for sending me this beautiful card! Arigato! ^_^

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